Identify obsolete Servomex gas analyzers and their alternative products

Below you will find a list of our obsolete products, learn whether spares are still available for them and discover the applicable alternative products you can speak to our expert team about.

Product name Status Spares availability Alternate product (and link)
"Standard Analyzer "ObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
Type "A" AnalyzerObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
A-Plus AnalyzerObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
DF100 SeriesObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
DF100E SeriesObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
"XR7 Standard or Type A electronics in Nema 7 box"ObsoleteNoMonoExact DF150E
Series 100ObsoleteNoMonoExact DF310E
Series 500 room Safety MonitorObsoleteNo
DF350ObsoleteNoMonoExact DF310E
DF310 SeriesObsoleteNoMonoExact DF310E
DF310E SeriesObsoleteNoMonoExact DF310E
"DF550 (original Nanotrace)"ObsoleteNoDF550E ULTRA
"DF550 (PntII electronics)"ObsoleteNoDF550E ULTRA
PNTII / DF560ObsoleteNoDF550E ULTRA
01100 series / 1100 Oxygen AnalyserObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200
01440C / 1440C1 Gas AnalyserObsolete from Sept 2021No
01800A / Xendos oxygen analyser – safe area ObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800
01900A / Xendos oxygen analyser – hazardous area ObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
01900B / SERVOTOUGH 1900 Oxygen AnalyzerObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
01902A / Xendos oxygen analyser – hazardous area ObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
01910A / Servotough digital Oxygen analyserObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
02700C series / SERVOTOUGH Fluegas ObsoleteNo2700D SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact
02700B series / SERVOTOUGH Fluegas ObsoleteNo2700D SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact
02700A series / SERVOTOUGH Fluegas ObsoleteYes2700D SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact
02930A / SERVOTOUGH LaserObsoleteYes
02930B / SERVOTOUGH LaserSPObsoleteYes
02940A / SERVOTOUGH Laser CompactObsoleteYes
02950A / SERVOTOUGH Laser ExactObsoleteYesNone available
05311A / OxyDetectObsoleteNo05311B OxyDetect
07930A / SERVOTOUGH Laser SPIIObsoleteNo
K1000ObsoleteYesSERVOPRO FID
K2001 / SERVOPRO Plasma Trace N2 AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO Plasma
K2002 / SERVOPRO PlasmaExact N2 AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO Plasma
04100 / SERVOPRO 4100ObsoleteYesMultiExact 4100
04200 / ServoPro 4200ObsoleteYesMultiExact 4200
04210 / ServoPro 4200ObsoleteYesMultiExact 4200
K4000 / Trace Gas AnalyserObsoleteYesNone available
04406 / SERVOPRO Chroma O2 (Semi Grade) AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO NanoChrome
04411 / SERVOPRO Chroma Semi Grade Ar AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO NanoChrome
04412 / SERVOPRO Chroma Semi Grade N2 AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO NanoChrome
04413 / SERVOPRO Chroma Semi Grade He AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO NanoChrome
04414 / SERVOPRO Chroma Semi Grade H2 AnalyserObsoleteYesSERVOPRO NanoChrome
04900 / ServoPro 4900ObsoleteYes4900 Multigas
05410 / MultiExact 5400ObsoleteYesMultiExact 4100
05411 / MultiExact 5400ObsoleteYesMultiExact 4100
05512 / SERVOPRO MonoExactObsoleteYes
05522 / SERVOPRO MonoExactObsoleteYes
OA540 series / Industrial Oxygen Analyser ObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
OA590 series / Industrial Oxygen Analyser ObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900
700 series / Flue Gas AnalyserObsoleteNoSERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700D

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