Analysis that empowers

Our global mission is to enable change through advanced gas analysis. We want to help build a better world: one that’s cleaner, healthier, and more productive.

Our Story

We analyze change, so you can make it happen. We help businesses worldwide achieve a new level of accuracy in their operations. Our expertise empowers them to make more informed decisions, transform their processes, and make a meaningful impact.

Our gas analysis solutions help organizations to meet their goals, including:

  • Cleaner power generation
  • Safer processes, plants, and workplaces
  • Better healthcare
  • Higher-quality chemical products
  • Cleaner air for all
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Improved laboratory research
  • Carbon-free fuels

How are we helping build a better world?

Building a better world

We pioneer cutting-edge gas analysis products and solutions that redefine precision in global operations. With over 70 years of expertise and research, we empower you to build a better world.

Explore further in our corporate presentation, offering a comprehensive overview of our industry-leading gas analyzer solutions, advanced sensing technologies, fully integrated systems, and unmatched service support.

Creating a cleaner world

We’re committed to sustainability. We’re helping customers make their processes cleaner and healthier, as well as develop the technologies that will power a greener future. We also aim to reach net-zero carbon across our organization by 2030 and throughout our value chain by 2040. Our sustainability practices have been recognized by the award of successive EcoVadis Gold Medal ratings.

Ensuring a healthier world

We protect with precision. Your people, places, and processes are safer with our analyzers. Our sensitive and accurate gas analysis solutions enable better healthcare, delivering more pure medical gases, and providing the measurements that support innovations in treatment. Our sensors also play a key role in critical care ventilators.

Innovating a more productive world

We relentlessly refine. We invest significantly in research and are always working on new and better ways to meet your business needs. It’s why we offer one of the widest ranges of gas analysis solutions. We can also create custom solutions to support your own innovation and the development of transformative technologies.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Our commitments to you

You can rely on us to empower change and innovation in your industry.

We are principled

We do the right thing. Guided by our Code of Business Ethics, honesty, transparency and trust are at the core of everything we do. We will always make responsible and sustainable choices for our customers, employees, and the environment.

We are reliable

You can count on us to help you champion change. Depend on accurate and stable readings from our gas analyzers, which are built to the highest standards. Our team will strive to deliver on promises and support your needs.

We are innovative

We spearhead research and pioneer technologies to bring you the best solutions. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating your evolving needs, we deliver innovative products and services that help you transform your processes and gain a competitive edge.

Servomex UK technical center

A history of innovation

We’ve been pursuing innovation since 1952. Here are some of the milestones on our road to becoming a world leader in gas analysis:

1952: Servomex is founded in the UK by Richard Steel, John Crockett, and Ronald Mudie, as an electronic product manufacturer

1957: Richard Steel meets Charles Munday, who is developing an advanced paramagnetic oxygen sensor using a platinum feedback loop

1961: Steel and Munday create the first Paramagnetic gas analyzer.

1969: Servomex adds infrared and gas chromatography solutions to its range

1981: Our first Zirconia sensor is launched

1984: Servomex acquires Anatek Instruments and its infrared gas analyzer range

1992: We begin selling sensors to OEM customers

1999: Servomex is acquired by Fairey, which in 2001 becomes the Spectris Group

2007: We acquire Contrôle Analytique

2008: Our UK Technical Centre in Crowborough opens

2010: Servomex acquires Delta F in Boston, along with the site of the US Technical Center

2011: The Hummingbird sensor brand is launched to support medical and industrial OEM customers

2016: Hummingbird wins the Queen’s Award for Innovation for its world-leading Paramagnetic oxygen sensor developments

2022: Hummingbird wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade. Servomex opens new Korean service center

Servomex is an agile organization for a complex world.

With business and service centres around the world, and a network of trusted channel partners, we bring our expertise to you, wherever you are.

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