SERVOTOUGH product range

Built to meet the challenge of hot and hazardous gas analysis environments

Our SERVOTOUGH range of process and combustion analyzers combine exceptional gas analysis performance with a highly robust and resilient design that’s ready to withstand challenging measurement conditions.

Optimized for use in hazardous areas, they utilize both extractive and in-situ analysis techniques, so common gas measurements receive higher-level analysis for light hydrocarbons and combustibles, ideal for use in most hydrocarbon processing applications.

SERVOTOUGH is your robust solution

Built to withstand the most hazardous measurement conditions, the SERVOTOUGH range delivers accurate gas analysis to a range of industrial applications

Designed for challenging environments

SERVOTOUGH analyzers are resilient, they are certified to cope with tough operating conditions and certified to the uppermost standards of safety. Manufactured to the highest specifications, using custom-designed enclosures, they meet major international certifications for use in potentially hazardous areas, up to and including ATEX Zone 0 approval.

A range of sensing technologies

Get the best-fit solution for your application – the extensive selection of sensing technologies used across our SERVOTOUGH range are proven to perform, delivering accurate and reliable measurements. They are non-depleting, which reduces ongoing costs, and include extractive and non-contact measurement techniques, so you get the most effective solution for your process.

Proven solutions for global industries

The SERVOTOUGH range is trusted and relied upon by industries around the world, including power generation, emissions monitoring, and the most demanding midstream and downstream HP processes. The flexibility, reliability and high performance of our analyzers are backed by expert service and support, for ultimate peace of mind.

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FluegasExact 2700

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Designed to measure O2 and COe in flue gases for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.

The FluegasExact 2700 analyzer for effective combustion analysis
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Laser 3 Plus Combustion

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Unmatched installation flexibility plus cost and performance benefits, ready for fast, accurate and responsive measurements in combustion and process control.

Laser 3 Plus Combustion Tunable Diode Laser
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Laser 3 Plus Environmental

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Compact, high-performance Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyzer, specifically optimized for ammonia slip measurement

SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Environmental
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Laser 3 Plus Process

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Optimized for the fast, accurate and responsive measurement of process oxygen (O2) in hot or hazardous conditions.

Laser 3 Plus Process Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyzer
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Oxy 1900

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

The Oxy 1900 oxygen (O2) gas analyzer sets new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.

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OxyExact 2200

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

The high-specification OxyExact 2200 O2 analyzer offers an unrivaled combination of precision, flexibility and performance for optimum process and safety control.

OxyExact 2200 high-specification O2 analyzer
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SpectraExact 2500F

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Flexible single and multicomponent gas analysis capability for corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams.

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