SERVOPRO ULTRA Series Product Range

Get superior performance at a competitive price for UHP gas analysis applications

Our ULTRA Series of ultra-high-purity gas analyzers conquer the most stringent demands of the semiconductor industry, with exceptional measurement performance. Using proven technology, they operate reliably, at a significantly lower cost of ownership than competing technologies.

Proven sensor technology

The ULTRA Series uses trusted Servomex sensing technologies that offer proven reliability, ease of operation, and require minimal maintenance.


Measure O2 down to 45ppt with Coulometric sensing

The ULTRA Series’ highly sensitive, non-depleting Coulometric sensor achieves an industry-best measurement of oxygen without the need for periodic replacement, or the false low readings associated with fuel cell sensors.

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Tunable Diode Laser

Measure H2O down to 55ppt with Laser Moisture sensing

Based on our advanced Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Spectroscopy technology, the Laser Moisture sensor delivers outstanding non-contact measurement performance in a robust and simple, low-maintenance optical design.

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Measure multiple gases down to 100-500ppt with Plasma

Plasma Emission Detector technology enables a stable, highly sensitive measurement capable of making trace parts-per-billion measurements. It’s proven to meet UHP gas requirements, while costing much less than competing technologies.

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Go ULTRA for pure and simple benefits

Offering fast response times, very low detection levels and ease of use at a lower cost than competing systems, the ULTRA Series is the best overall choice for UHP gas analysis.

Highly stable and cost-effective

The sensing technologies used across the ULTRA Series are non-depleting and proven to perform. Backed by our extensive industry expertise, they deliver accurate, reliable measurements for a significantly lower cost than competing solutions such as APIMS. Each sensor provides specific, high-sensitivity monitoring for the gas of interest, with uncompromised stability and a rapid response to changing gas concentrations.

No-compromise performance

When you’re monitoring the ultra-high-purity (UHP) gases used in semiconductor wafer manufacture, the highest sensitivity and performance is essential. Each of our ULTRA Series analyzers delivers the best Lower Detection Limit (LDL) in our product range. Together, they provide a game-changing total UHP gas analysis solution that’s reliable, easy to operate, and significantly more cost-effective than competing technologies.

Easy to use and maintain

The ULTRA Series delivers an integrated, value-added solution to the semiconductor industry, combining high performance with comparatively low cost. This economy of ownership is supported by the reduced maintenance requirements of our non-depleting sensors and extended calibration intervals. Each analyzer is easy to use, reducing training needs and making operator errors far less likely.

DF560 ULTRA ultra-trace oxygen analyzer

The DF-560E ULTRA delivers industry-leading ultra-trace oxygen detection

Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

Now the exceptional Lower Detection Limit (LDL) of 45 parts-per-trillion (ppt) achieved by the DF-560E ULTRA is displayed on the front screen. Once the DF-560E ULTRA is measuring below 1 ppb the units automatically convert to ppt providing the semiconductor industry with industry-best oxygen (O2) measurements for quality control in ultra-high-purity (UHP) electronic grade gas. Flexible and adaptable, it is able to monitor O2 in multiple background gases while logging data in a variety of formats.

The DF-750 ULTRA is the first choice in moisture analysis for the semiconductor industry

Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

Designed specifically to make trace and ultra-trace moisture measurements in a range of UHP gases, the DF-750 ULTRA is optimized for 300mm semiconductor fabs. It measures moisture as a contaminant in the electronics grade gases nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon and oxygen. Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensing technology delivers an industry-leading 55 parts-per-trillion (ppt) Lower Detection Limit (LDL), ensuring the DF-750 ULTRA’s stable, highly accurate measurements meet the precise monitoring needs of semiconductor production.

The DF-760E ULTRA is a dual moisture/oxygen analyzer for UHP gases

Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

Delivering industry-leading quality control measurements for UHP bulk gases, the compact DF-760E ULTRA analyzer is a superior solution for the dual measurement of trace and ultra-trace moisture (H2O) and oxygen (O2). Combining our non-depleting Coulometric sensor and robust Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology within a single compact unit, the DF-760E ULTRA measures ultra-low contaminant levels of H2O and O2 within background gas blends of nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), O2 and argon (Ar) (H2O in O2 only).

The revolutionary NanoChrome ULTRA for ultra-trace purity measurements

The NanoChrome ULTRA delivers superior ultra-trace measurements of UHP gases

Chris Davis
Product Manager

The number one choice for ultra-trace purity measurements in the semiconductor industry, the revolutionary NanoChrome ULTRA incorporates the latest advances in gas sensing and signal processing methodology, for superior performance. Using advanced Plasma Emission Detector (PED) sensing and sensitive ProPeak software, it offers the highest reliability monitoring of argon, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and non-methane hydrocarbons in a wide range of common background gases.

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