Plasma Emissions Detection (PED)

Plasma is an ionized gas with a lot of energy: a gas into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from their atoms or molecules, allowing both ions and electrons to coexist. When energized by plasma, gases produce an intense emission spectra which relate directly to specific molecular bonds within the sample gas. The emission spectra of the gases of interest are isolated using a precision optical filter, providing a highly selective gas measurement.

Servomex’s Plasma sensor consists of two elements: a Plasma Generation mechanism, which generates a controlled (stable) electromagnetic field, that excites the plasma gas to emit spectral emission lines, and a Plasma Chamber detector cell, tuned to recognize the emission line of a specific gas. The detector cell is made of quartz, which is transparent to emitted light spectra.

As each gas produces a unique gas spectra, the Plasma technique enables a highly sensitive measurement, capable of making trace ppb measurements.

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