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Become part of the Servomex team – With increasing demand within the gas sensing sector, we take our responsibility as the global leader in the sector very seriously. We offer a rewarding and thriving career, where your talent will be honed and unleashed.

Career Types

As a global organization we have many career paths that suit candidates from entry level, including graduates and apprentices, to experienced candidates seeking opportunities at leadership level.

At Servomex we understand that most of the best ideas come from our people and we actively encourage our employees to be involved in company decisions, organisational changes and innovation. The views and ideas of every employee are important to us.

Due to the agile nature of the business, many of our people start off on one career path and end up on another. Discovering and unleashing our employees’ potential is key to our success.

To help you discover your perfect career path please find below an overview of our business functions…

… find out where your true potential awaits:

Group support function

Legal & Compliance

The Legal & Compliance function provides advice on business and legal issues including intellectual property, business compliance, contractual issues and liability issues.

Human Resources

The Human Resources function provides global employee/ management guidance and assistance on a diverse range of topics from health and wellbeing, career development, employee benefits and in-house recruitment services – ensuring success through our people.


The Global Finance function is responsible for planning, accounting, auditing and controlling the company’s finances in order to achieve success.

Information Technology and Business Systems

Information Technology

The IT function is responsible for developing, running and maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure and secure network platform that supports our global business.

Business Systems

The Business System function has full responsibility of running, maintaining and providing technical support for our ERP and SAP systems around the globe.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing Communications remit is to build and protect the Servomex and related brands globally, both internally and externally; and in doing so facilitate sales through lead generation, sales support, traditional and digital communication tools and all related marketing channels. We are a global company that promotes itself globally; in regional language, reflecting regional customs and working practices. Our focus is always on quality over quantity, delivering success through teamwork with our colleagues around the world.

Product Management and Applications

Product Management

Product Management is central to Servomex, being responsible for the stewardship of a portfolio of products over their whole lifecycle – from cradle to grave; and everything in between.


The Applications team forms the vital bridge between our products and how they are deployed by our customers and end users.

Global Operations

Global Service and Repair

The Service Team focuses on providing technical support to our global customers whether it be providing on-site diagnostics or remote troubleshooting.


The Manufacturing function is responsible for the manufacture and test of our comprehensive range of Gas Analyzers.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

At Servomex, the health and safety of our employees and the safety of the environment in which our teams work is our number one priority. Our HSE team are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken complies with applicable legislation and follows best practice. Standardization of HSE excellence across the global business and continually improving our safety performance is the backbone of our business.


The Logistics function manages how the business resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their destination.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain function improves agility across all production facilities through optimisation of global delivery to both internal and external customers. By managing all aspects of the global inventory and anticipated usage against forecasted demand, the team enables strategic and key decisions to be made.

System Engineering and Design

Servomex has been involved in Systems since the 1960s. Our experienced Systems teams have been successfully supporting global business for decades. We are continually evaluating our engineering solutions and the best ways to support customer needs.

Our main objectives are to provide an engineering solution to measure components of the sample stream (process), reliability of our design and cost effectiveness meeting customers’ expectations.

As such, we provide pre-sales consultation, site visits to identify customers’ needs, detailed bespoke technical offer, project management throughout the order cycle, high-quality build standards, extensive product testing ensuring functionality, compliance and assistance during site start-up.

Global Sales

Our technical sales professionals span the globe and are the face of Servomex working directly with customers and channel partners to promote our products and services to sometimes large and complex organisations. They aim to deliver the best solutions to our customers in order to help them achieve their full potential.

Engineering and Research and Development


Our Engineering function is at the forefront of fusing cutting-edge science with high-integrity engineering.

The engineering teams are made up of multidisciplinary professionals that include software, electronic, mechanical, verification and production engineers working together to help realise our next generation of gas analysis technologies and solve real world problems.

Research and Development

The Research and Development function focuses on developing our existing technology portfolio as well as developing new innovative technology.

Other careers

Business Management

We have a variety of management career paths which involve leading and directing multidisciplinary teams, increasing efficiencies and profitability as well as managing our cutting-edge facilities. All management positions drive collaboration and innovation.

Early Careers

Here at Servomex we are always on the lookout for bright minds and offer a variety of opportunities for people starting out in their career.

In the UK we have an established apprenticeship programme which ensures hands-on experience and the chance to discover every facet of our business. We are proud that many of our apprentices choose to stay and continue their journey with us beyond their apprenticeship.

Job openings

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Servomex Talent Community - Let’s Work Together

At Servomex we hire the best talent from across the globe.  We are proud to employ diverse individuals from countries big and small, promoting a more inclusive culture for all.  Your knowledge, expertise and desire to fix our customers’ problems are key to our success. If you want a career with true meaning, we could be the perfect match for you.  Servomex offer our employees a unique range of rewarding, challenging and long-term career opportunities.

To keep up to date on real-time opportunities, latest news, products and launches visit our LinkedIn page

Why not meet some of our people and see why they have chosen to work for Servomex? 

Meet The Team

Why did you choose to join Servomex?

I chose to join Servomex due to a combination of how the company was being sold to me by the Talent Acquisition team and the Finance department representatives during the interview process.  The opportunity to work for a global market-leading company was too good to resist.


What is a typical day for you?

A typical day for me usually involves circulating reports which track order and sales performance towards goals and answering requests from various areas of the business for financial information to support decision-making. There can also be meetings to attend if providing support to a project team or involved in other initiatives. Being a member of the finance department also means there is always administrative work to be completed and reporting deadlines to be achieved at month end.


How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

Servomex is a progressive, forward-thinking company, whilst being inclusive and maintaining a high degree of transparency. I feel the company strikes the right balance of nurturing employees while allowing them autonomy in their decision-making.

David Greenwood
Finance Business Partner – IP&E

Why did you choose to join Servomex?

I used to work for a major company in the industry. I could not understand why I lost jobs to Servomex. Out of truth and honesty, I joined Servomex out of curiosity to seek the truth of Servomex’s success in the business.

What is a typical day for you?

A typical work day is always filled with multiple interactions with co-workers from various functions to seek the best solutions and proposals for our customers and partners. It is always fun and exciting!

How long have you worked for Servomex, and what is your proudest moment?

This is my 10th year with Servomex. The proudest moments are the daily moments when you see everyone in the local team, in the regional team, in the factories work together closely as a team to serve our customers.

Chee Wee Yap
Asia Pacific Sales Director

Why did you choose to join Servomex?

I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous mech engineers from varying backgrounds and they have worked through the decades at Servomex. They have always said it’s very interesting engineering and it’s always moving forward in innovation. It hasn’t disappointed; since joining I have had an introduction to quantum mechanics, lasers, and various areas of engineering and science that I wouldn’t have had the chance to broaden my knowledge about and be challenged by if I had gone elsewhere. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

What is a typical day for you?

Most importantly, a coffee first thing! Always good to have a quick morning chat with your colleagues too. Then it’s onto the design work. Currently I’m supporting various products and manufacturing projects and use mainly our CAD package Solidworks to produce 3D and 2D data. During the day there may be some meetings, general discussions or a priority task that crops up. One of my projects is in the clean room, so it’s nice to get onto the production floor and be involved on the lines and work alongside other departments. As I’m new there’s always a bit of light reading or engineering know-how that I keep up to date with.

How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

Very friendly and professional. I’ve been supported by management and my colleagues with them taking time out of their schedule to help me. In my department I can sense that I’m surrounded by people who care about Servomex and being the front-runner in our field. As I have a 9-month-old son, there is clear emphasis on a work-life balance, and the flexible hours mean I get to see my son Reuben more in the working week.

Tom Britton
Mechanical Engineer

Talent Acquisition Resourcer

I was tentatively searching for a new challenge in recruitment when I came across the advert for my ‘now’ job.  The advert caught my eye as I loved the fact that the opportunity was newly created – and that Servomex were looking to employ someone who proactively focused on finding talent to join the company globally. During my selection process, I learnt more about Servomex’s vision – and the fact that the company prides itself in looking after the welfare of its employees. This appealed to me very much. Working in recruitment, it is vital that I feel truly passionate about the employer and brand that I am representing. I felt a very positive vibe from the first contact I had from Servomex.

What is a typical day for you?

I can be Skyping a candidate in China one minute, organizing interviews in the UKTC the next; the same morning I can be approaching a targeted candidate, editing job descriptions, shortlisting CVs or speaking to university teams about their courses and students. I work closely with my colleagues in the Talent Acquisition team to ensure recruitment policies and processes are compliant and efficient, and that we are offering candidates and colleagues a first-class recruitment experience.

How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

I feel there is a culture of pride and determination to get the job done well.  I really like the fact that we have employees who have been with the company for many, many years and their knowledge and expertise are clearly invaluable. Yet in the same breath, I feel ideas from new colleagues are not only valued but encouraged and welcomed. In more recent times specifically, I have felt a huge sense of pride working for an employer that is truly committed to supporting our customers in the medical industries during these most challenging of circumstances. The sense of team spirit and culture of pride and determination is more important than ever – and I am humbled to support these teams as best I can.

Trish Rake
Talent Acquisition Resourcer

Why did you choose to join Servomex?   

I chose to join Servomex because I was really excited about taking this business to the next level. The strategy has been well thought out and to lead and execute on that strategy is truly motivating to me. In addition, I got a great feeling from the people I met ahead of my appointment. They really care about their jobs and share the same passion I do to add value and drive this business forward.

What is a typical day for you?

It usually starts with a coffee! Then I have a substantial amount of meetings which takes up most of my time, but it gives me the ability to interact with different people from across the business on a daily basis. The focus of those meetings is to ensure we deliver on our commitments and drive results. No two days are the same at Servomex and I love coming into the office in the morning ready to take those different challenges head-on. I also try to ensure I catch up with my team, my boss and as many of my peers as possible. This helps me to keep up to speed with the latest business developments, and enables me to consider the impact for the business.

How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

I would describe Servomex as having a clan culture. It is a friendly working environment which promotes inclusion, teamwork and always considers employee needs. We have a great balance of employees who are new to the company, those that have been here for a short while, and those who have been here for a number of years. That mix brings continuity to the culture whilst new ideas and energy are added into the company. Our values are very important and guide our behaviours throughout the organization.

Luke Shaw
Finance Director


When you join Servomex, you can rest assured that your health and wellbeing will be of the utmost importance to us. Servomex takes the wellbeing of its employees very seriously, encouraging openness, flexibility, a healthy work-life balance and support when needed. We understand that as well as a life inside of work you have a life outside of work and we want to ensure that you are able to make the best of both worlds.

We encourage everyone in our business to be committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Through our Wellbeing Programmes we have developed a range of tools designed to raise awareness of health and lifestyle issues affecting both physical health and mental health, from celebrating awareness days, to running wellbeing weeks, to holding fitness classes on site and wellbeing competitions to name just a few.

The Company seeks to foster a mentally healthy culture and throughout the business all of our managers and team leaders are trained to support and assist those with mental ill-health when they most need it.

At all times we encourage our managers to consider and support the wellbeing of our employees and to treat all employees with consideration and dignity.

Our aim is that our employees feel fulfilled, engaged, have a sense of purpose, feel able to reach out to others and gain the necessary support they need if and when they need it, that they can flourish and reach their full potential.


Not only does Servomex promote a feeling of community within its workplaces by encouraging employees to work together as a team, collaborate and support each other, it takes pride in the role it plays in the local global communities in each and every country in which it operates. Servomex takes into account the needs and wishes of different cultures, whilst ensuring that we have a diverse local workforce representative of those regions in which we work.

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to align our values and behaviour with the high expectations and needs of our stakeholders. Servomex can demonstrate a leading position and excellence in areas such as the environment, health and safety, and diversity.

As well as this, the employees at Servomex take pride in their ability to regularly get involved in volunteering activities within their communities through our Servomex Volunteering Scheme. The Company also celebrates its local communities by sponsoring local charities and schools and taking part in educational events.

Learning and development

The Company promotes and supports continuous learning and development amongst all its employees. Servomex endeavours to ensure that employees receive all the training they need in order to carry out their role effectively. From the moment you join us you will receive the very best introduction to the Company through our comprehensive onboarding programme.

Servomex are committed to the management and development of talent and strive to offer lifelong careers to committed and dedicated employees. From the structured development of apprenticeships through to a Global Management Development Programme. By providing the knowledge, experience and expertise, we are dedicated to growing the next generation of professional experts, managers and leaders.

Regardless of position or grade within the business, everyone has the right to realize their potential.  Our performance review programme ensures a consistent approach to managing every employee’s performance, development and career goals on a continual basis.

The success of Servomex relies on the employees that work for the Company. Collectively and individually, all employees have the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of Company goals and objectives. Servomex strives to empower employees and encourage innovation.

We recognize that as well as preparing our people to reach their full potential we also need to recognize and reward them when they get there. We offer competitive rewards commensurate with your skills and experience.


Equal opportunities policy

Read policy

Recruitment privacy notice

Read privacy notice

Equal Opportunities

At Servomex, we value each and every employee and as a business we are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment by creating a working environment where diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Our policy is to recruit, train, develop and promote our employees on the basis of merit and ability alone.

Servomex aims to recruit and retain a diverse and multicultural global workforce, valuing and respecting the different perspectives of its employees. We believe in employing people from different backgrounds to promote innovation and creativity.

We aim to create a safe and fair culture where everyone feels able to achieve their full potential, allowing people to speak out and have their voice heard, make decisions, work as a team and support each other. We celebrate the differences that diversity and inclusion brings to our business.

Servomex will comply with all employment legislation, wherever it works in the world.  It will always take into account local cultures within the countries in which it operates.

View our full Equal Opportunities Policy here.

Our values

Servomex has a culture founded on integrity which guides the way we work and the decisions that we make. We want all our employees to collectively value the integrity of our business decisions and to be responsible and ethical people. All employees are therefore trained in our Code of Business Ethics and the standards of behaviour expected from them.

At Servomex the highest standards of ethical practice are at the core of our corporate values and are taken very seriously. Servomex has created an outstanding working environment, with a great culture and a team committed to values and ethics.

Servomex employees are expected to behave with honesty and integrity and to demonstrate appropriate business behaviour, creating an environment of professional excellence and customer focus.

Regular communication with our employees is consistent with our culture of openness and honesty.

Our core values are:


Restless Innovation

continuously improving products, services and business processes

constantly finding ways to enhance personal, customer and product performance to create maximum value

challenging the status quo


creating an entrepreneurial culture where people can take initiative and succeed

challenging our people to grow and reach their highest potential individually and collectively

trusting our people to take personal ownership and accountability and learn from their experiences

Absolute Integrity

always acting with honesty and transparency

doing the right thing even if it means losing business

keeping our promises and commitments

treating our people and business partners with fairness and respect

Customer Focus

partnering with our customers to enhance their productivity and performance

listening to customer challenges and actively anticipating their future requirements

delivering on our commitments to meet customer needs

High Performance

delivering strong and sustainable value for our shareholders

performing to the highest standards against the commitments we make internally to one another and externally to our customers

developing resilient businesses that are best in class acting with urgency without compromising quality, safety, the environment and our integrity

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