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We’ve got the industry-leading accuracy and stability you need, with analytical solutions for over 20 gases.

Our extensive range of gas sensing technologies provide measurements for all major elemental gases, key chemical compounds, plus moisture and hydrocarbons. Measurement levels range from percentage concentrations to ultra-trace parts-per-trillion.

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Our gas sensing technologies provide measurements with industry-leading accuracy and stability for more than 20 gases, including major elemental gases, key chemical compounds, and moisture. Choose the gas you want to measure to learn more about our specialist gas analysis solutions.


O2 gas analysis is key to safety, efficiency, and control in many industrial processes


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Carbon dioxide

A closely regulated greenhouse gas critical to many industrial processes


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A highly combustible element that may be a contaminant or an essential industrial component


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Widely used in fertilizers, organic compounds, pharmaceutics, and inerting environments


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Carbon monoxide

A required measurement for combustion control, emissions monitoring, and gas purity

Total Hydrocarbons

Found as contaminants in industrial and medical gases, THCs are also harmful pollutants


An essential measurement for effective ammonia slip and CEMs control


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A medical and industrial gas requiring analysis for purity and process control

Carbon monoxide + methane

A dual measurement can significantly improve combustion control and safety

CO + CH₄

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An essential measurement for safe and efficient operating conditions in combustion

Hydrocarbon mixtures

May be measured to meet regulatory requirements, process control, safety, and efficiency


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The main constituent of natural gas, methane is a greenhouse gas used in many key processes


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Nitric oxide

This gas is a harmful pollutant typically measured to ensure compliance with environmental regulations

Nitrous oxide

Used in anesthesia, N2O is also a pollutant that must be monitored for regulatory purposes


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Non-methane hydrocarbons

These hydrocarbon pollutants must be measured to ensure gas purity and control emissions


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A hydrocarbon that must be measured to control LPG, refinery, and HP processes


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Water vapour (Moisture)

Moisture contamination can significantly affect product quality and process efficiency


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Sulfur dioxide

A harmful pollutant that must be monitored to ensure air safety standards are met


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Find the best gas analysis solution for your process

Servomex’s process gas analyzers are designed to deliver accurate, reliable gas analysis in a wide range of industrial applications. Encompassing hazardous-area, safe-area, high-purity, and portable analyzers, they are based around a selection of different sensing technologies to ensure the best-fit solution for your process.

Laser 3 Plus Process Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) analyzer


Designed to operate effectively in hazardous areas, our SERVOTOUGH gas analyzers combine accurate and reliable performance with a robust, resilient design. They are particularly suited to power generation, hydrocarbon processing, and emissions monitoring applications, with both extractive and in-situ analysis techniques available. A range of sensing technologies are used within the SERVOTOUGH range – including Paramagnetic, Laser, GFC, TDL, and Zirconia – to ensure the best-fit solution for your application


This diverse and flexible range of analyzers is designed to deliver exceptional measurement performance in a variety of safe area applications. Our SERVOPRO analyzers make use of our extensive portfolio of non-depleting gas sensing technologies – including Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Flame Ionization Detection, Plasma, and Gas Chromatography. With industry-leading detection levels, they can be used to meet specific measurement requirements, such as for syngas, hydrocarbons, or trace gas mixtures, or to provide multi-gas monitoring capabilities for applications such as continuous emissions monitoring systems or air separation unit plants.

DF560 ULTRA ultra-trace oxygen analyzer


The ULTRA Series of ultra-high-purity gas analyzers is ready to meet the most stringent demands of the semiconductor industry, with exceptional measurement performance, including fast response times and very low detection limits. Using proven Coulometric, TDLAS, and Plasma sensing technologies, they operate reliably and accurately, at a significantly lower cost of ownership than competing technologies. Backed by our extensive industry expertise, they provide an integrated, value-added solution for the best overall choice for UHP gas analysis.


Designed for easy transportation to a variety of different locations, our SERVOFLEX range combines accurate, high-performance gas analysis with versatile portability. The analyzers use our advanced Paramagnetic and Infrared sensors to deliver reliable measurements ranging from oxygen-only to a choice of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Ergonomically designed for portability, the analyzers are robust enough to withstand the demands of field location analysis and light industrial applications.

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