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Precision gas sensing technology in a compact, portable design

SERVOFLEX analyzers deliver high-performance portable gas analysis for safe or hazardous area use. Utilizing our non-depleting Paramagnetic and Infrared sensor technologies, these easy-to-use analyzers provide stable and reliable measurements for oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Ergonomically designed for easy handling, and powered by resilient lithium-ion batteries to ensure a long usage with every charge, each analyzer offers an extensive range of features that includes audible alarms, data logging, and RS232 outputs.

SERVOFLEX are right by your side

Designed to be easily transported to a variety of different locations, the SERVOFLEX range combines our accurate gas analysis performance with flexible portability.

Multiple gas measurements

From oxygen-only to a choice of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the SERVOFLEX range utilizes our advanced Paramagnetic and Infrared sensors to deliver reliable measurements in a variety of applications. These non-depleting sensors ensure long service and minimal calibration requirements.

For hazardous and safe area use

Robust enough to withstand the demands of field location analysis and light industrial applications, the SERVOFLEX range also includes models designed to meet ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 1 certification for operation in hazardous environments. From refineries and industrial plants to laboratories and universities, SERVOFLEX provides a rugged gas analysis solution.

Take reliable gas analysis with you

Long-life lithium-ion batteries and a range of sampling options ensure the SERVOFLEX range is truly portable and easy to use. The analyzers are ergonomically designed for portability, and feature non-depleting sensing technologies, minimizing the consumables that you need to carry with you.

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Micro i.s. 5100


Designed for the measurement of oxygen (O2) in potentially flammable gas samples. Certified to Zone 0 and Zone 1 and suitable for measuring percent levels of O2.

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MiniHD 5200


The MiniHD 5200 portable gas analyzer is a rugged, heavy duty analyzer designed to accurately measure the levels of O2, CO and CO2 within common gas mixtures.

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MiniMP 5200


The only truly portable battery-powered gas analyzer with MCERTS and TUV certification, offers single or dual measurement of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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