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Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography delivers high-purity analysis for a range of gases

Gas Chromatography is an analysis technique that works effectively alongside other sensing technologies, delivering a highly sensitive measurement of the constituent components of a gas sample. It is utilized in our SERVOPRO Chroma, NanoChrome, and NanoChrome ULTRA analyzers.

Gas Chromatography (GC) separates out a mixture in the gas phase to determine the presence and concentration of constituent components. Under optimized conditions, it can measure down to parts-per-billion (ppb) levels, making it ideal for high purity control processes.

The components of a mixture in the gas phase are separated by introducing a small portion of the sample into a flowing carrier gas (mobile phase), which percolates through a stationary phase consisting of particulates packed within a column. The different gas constituents are separated due their own specific, adsorptive interaction between the stationary phase and the mobile phase. This causes the constituents to exit the column (elute) at different times.

These specific times are detected at the exit of the column. By comparing times, users can identify analytes by the order in which they exit from the column.

Each constituent concentration is determined, after calibration, from the integral of each analyte’s detector response over time.

The conditions under which GC technology operates differ for each application and require individual optimizations.

Related and alternative technologies

Gas Chromatography works alongside Plasma, FID and TCD technologies in our Chroma and NanoChrome analyzers. GC analyzers do not deliver real-time measurements, so they are unsuited to applications where rapidly changing gas concentrations must be monitored.

Key applications


Medical gases

Air separation units

Key benefits

Measures multiple components down to ppb levels

Highly reliable results

Works for a wide range of background gases

Ideal for

High-purity processes that require accurate gas detection down to ppb levels, including electronic and medical gases, plus cryogenic air separation processes.

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The Chroma is optimized to specific background gases to ensure optimum performance for your application.

  • Versatile, ultra-accurate trace gas analysis
  • Choice of non-depleting sensor technologies
  • Cost-effective solution for process control or quality monitoring
  • Works in a wide range of background gases
  • Compact 4U rack-compatible design
  • Flexible communication options



Incorporating the latest advances in gas sensing and signal processing methodology, the NanoChrome revolutionizes ultra-trace purity measurements.

  • Ultra-trace purity measurements in UHP gases
  • Designed for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Uses advanced Plasma Emission Detector sensor
  • Sensitive ProPeak software for high accuracy
  • Removes the need for flammable fuel gas
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistical analysis

NanoChrome ULTRA


Using proven ultra-trace sensing, the NanoChrome ULTRA conquers the most stringent demands of the semiconductor industry, delivering a cost-effective solution compared to competing technologies.

  • The top choice for ultra-trace purity measurements
  • Designed for the semiconductor wafer industry
  • Superior measurements of ultra-high-purity gases
  • Highly specific, non-depleting PED sensing
  • ProPeak filtering for highly sensitive measurements
  • Removes the need for flammable fuel gas

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