The FID provides highly accurate Total Hydrocarbon measurements

With trace analysis capability, the FID is ideal for ASU safety and quality control applications.

  • The definitive THC measurement analyzer
  • A no-compromise solution
  • Flexible use to meet exact needs

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High-performance measurements of Total Hydrocarbons

Chris Davis
Product Manager

The FID is a high specification Flame Ionization Detector (FID) based analyzer that provides a robust and high accuracy solution to trace Total Hydrocarbon (THC) measurements, ensuring gas stream inflammability levels are closely monitored.

It is optimized for quality control in pure oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium, air or carbon dioxide, delivering an adaptable solution designed to meet the needs of diverse applications, from cryogenic air separation plants to dry ice manufacturers. The use of highly stable low-noise FID sensing ensures it delivers an accuracy unsurpassed by many contemporary solutions.

The definitive THC measurement analyzer

When you work in applications like air separation, product validation or process control, you require an analytical solution that delivers highly reliable, accurate and low-noise measurements of Total Hydrocarbons (THC). Safe, non-explosive conditions must be maintained, so a proven trace measurement sensing technology is a must. The ability to perform quality THC control checks in pure O2, N2, Ar, He, air or CO2is also important, so a single, adaptable on-site solution is preferred. No matter your application needs, you’ll also want an analyzer that can reduce ongoing costs and deliver remote interaction through diverse communications platforms. We don’t believe you should have to compromise.

Flexible use to meet exact needs

FIDs are able to adapt to meet and adapt to changing measurement needs, through a choice of three measurement range options. In addition to its gas measurement capabilities, the FID can also deliver measurements for other background gases or multiple background gas applications (upon request), delivering even greater adaptability to suit site needs. Finally, operational flexibility is maximized through a range of remote communication options including RS232 ASCII and 4-20mA outputs.

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A no-compromise solution

The FID fully addresses trace accuracy and stability through the use of its industry-leading patented FID sensing technology, delivering a highly reliable, low-noise answer to THC monitoring. This device delivers peace of mind through an integrated automatic fuel shut-off valve function that ensures if the flame is extinguished, fuel feed lines are automatically closed. The FID also adapts to meet the needs of quality control checks, allowing you to integrate a single solution for diverse site needs. In addition to high-performance functionality, the FID’s user-friendly, low-maintenance operation makes it a no compromise analyzer you can depend on.

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Advantages for safety and quality control

The FID is designed to provide the flexible benefits demanded by a wide array of applications.

A flexible solution

The FID offers three measurement ranges in low or high setting modes, with automatic range change and over-range functions.

Unique flow control feature

Electronic air controllers for air, fuel and sample reduce the analyzer’s dependency on sample and barometric pressure, and lower operational costs.

Enhanced safety

Innovative safety features include the “flame out” integrated fuel alarm shut-off valve.

Unrivalled performance

  • Uses patented, low-noise, high accuracy FID sensing for reliable trace THC measurements
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 70 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis with thousands of units used in the field every year



  • Three measurement ranges in low and high setting modes, with automatic range change and over range functions
  • Remote interaction capabilities via RS232 ASCII


Easy to use

  • Engineer-friendly, intuitive use and installation
  • Enhanced safety through “flame out” fuel feed shut-off valve


Low cost of ownership

  • Uses high accuracy, gasselective FID for maximized device uptime
  • Cost-effective and simplified ongoing maintenance
  • Unique flow control function reduces operational costs


Benchmark compliance

  • Electrical safety to IEC 61010-1
  • In compliance with Low Voltage, EMC and applicable Directives




  • Electrical safety to IEC 61010-1
  • In compliance with EMC Directives, rated for Overvoltage Category II and Pollution Degree 2

Schematics (select to expand)


540mm (21.2”) Wide x 132mm (5.1”) High x 460mm (18.1”) Deep


12kg (26lbs)

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Chris Davis
Product Manager

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Chris Davis
Product Manager

Manuals and brochures

Download the FID manual and brochure to find out how it is installed and operated. You’ll also discover its features and benefits, and get all the technical data you need.

ES Magazine Issue 41 Reliable solutions for industrial gas applications

ES Magazine Issue 41 Reliable solutions for industrial gas applications

SERVOPRO FID Operator Manual

SERVOPRO FID Operator Manual

SERVOPRO FID Product brochure

SERVOPRO FID Product brochure

SERVOPRO FID Recommended Spares

SERVOPRO FID Recommended Spares

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Typical applications

With a robust design, the FID delivers the accuracy and stability required for ASU safety and quality control applications.

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