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The MonoExact DF310E oxygen and moisture analyzer is designed for industrial gas applications

Designed specifically for accurate measurements of oxygen and moisture in industrial gas (IG) applications, the MonoExact DF310E is a digital analyzer combining precision trace-level measurement with a new icon-driven guided user interface (GUI) and advanced digital communications.

A touchscreen oxygen and moisture analyzer for IG applications

A next-generation oxygen O2 and moisture H2O analyzer designed for various industrial gas (IG) applications, the MonoExact DF310E combines trace-level measurement with new performance and operational benefits.

Built around the latest innovations in software and hardware – including a non-depleting Paramagnetic and updated Coulometric digital oxygen sensor – it offers enhanced user control and a reduced cost of ownership.

It also offers plug-and-play capability to operate the AquaXact Al2O3 probe for a dual measurement of oxygen and moisture. When connected to the moisture sensor, the screen is designed to simultaneously display both oxygen and moisture measurements.

Comprehensive analog and digital communication options ensure simple integration into a wide range of systems.

Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

The definitive solution for IG gas production and bottling and blending

The MonoExact DF310E has been designed specifically to accurately measure oxygen and moisture in various industrial gas (IG) applications including nitrogen, argon and hydrogen production*‡, tanker transfil, specialty gas blending and electronic gases production. Combining Servomex’s latest advances in sensing technology and analyzer design into an advanced new platform, the DF310E is easy to operate and integrate into a wide range of systems.

Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

Built around the latest innovations in sensing technology combined with advance software and hardware – including a non-depleting paramagnetic* and digital coulometric oxygen sensor – MonoExact DF310E builds on the original DF-310E with touchscreen operation, features to aid in commissioning and self-diagnostics monitoring benefits that improves user control and reduces cost of ownership. Updating firmware, downloading diagnostic files and copying the analyzer setup to transfer to another unit of identical configuration takes just a few clicks.

A no-compromise solution

Offering comprehensive analog and digital communication options for simple integration into a wide range of systems. Includes a Flat Line Alarm that monitors sensor measurements at LDL thresholds. MonoExact DF310E is backward-compatible with existing DF-310E installations, ensuring it complies with existing standards and customer agreements without the need for re-testing or re-qualification.

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Next-generation IG oxygen and moisture analysis

The MonoExact DF310E delivers a range of performance and operational benefits for IG operators

Paramagnetic sensor option

The MonoExact DF310E can be fitted with Servomex’s Paramagnetic sensor for percentage level measurements of O2.

Simultaneous dual-measurement

Designed to connect with an optional AquaXact 1688 sensor, the MonoExact DF310E can provide accurate O2 and H2O readings at the same time.

Touchscreen operation

An advanced color touchscreen with guided user interface (GUI) provides the MonoExact DF310E with intuitive set-up and operation.

Unrivalled performance

  • MonoExact DF310E O2 LDL
    0-100HR: 3 ppb
    0-100: 50 ppb
    0-1000: 250 ppb
    0-10,000: 2.5 ppm
    0-25% paramagnetic: ± 0.1%
  • 5-year coulometric sensor warranty
  • Non-depleting coulometric and paramagnetic* sensors



  • Compatible with DF-310E platform, including hardware wiring inputs and gas inlets
  • Analog and digital outputs 4-20mA & 0-10 VDC, RS232, RS485 (Modbus) and advanced digital communication including Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP and PROFIBUS†
  • Optional integration of external AquaXact aluminum oxide (Al2O3) moisture sensor probe to allow for two measurements with one analyzer*
  • Battery and pump options available but, not in same analyzer*


Easy to use

  • Plug and play sensors
  • Large library of compatible gases‡
  • Intuitive icon driven touchscreen user-interface


Low cost of ownership

  • Field upgradable relay, alarm and communication protocols
  • Downloadable system file log and diagnostics means we can assess issues and upgrade remotely
  • Product can be upgraded in the field as your operational needs change
  • Minimal training requirements


Benchmark compliance

  • In compliance with Low Voltage, EMC, CE and CSA applicable directives
  • European and US Pharmacopeia compliant (coulometric and paramagnetic*)
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 60 years’ experience innovating, and pioneering gas analysis and thousands of units used in the field every year


* Not for use with flammable samples
‡ Analyzer for use with flammable samples shall be configured with stainless steel inlet and outlet plumbing only
† Configuration dependent

MonoExact DF310E


  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Schematics (select to expand)


206mm (8.1”) Wide x 131 (5.2”) High x 245mm (9.7”) Deep


4.3kg (9.5lbs)

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“For in-depth specifications you’ll want to download our technical datasheet which includes information on technology, performance, operating environment, sample conditions and compliance along with technical drawings and top-level benefits and applications.”

Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

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Matt Chambers
Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

Manuals and brochures

Want to know about the performance advantages and technical specifications of the MonoExact DF310E? Download our product brochure and operator manual now.

SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E expert paper

SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E expert paper

DF-310E Gas Analyzer Operator Manual

DF-310E Gas Analyzer Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF150E & DF310E Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF150E & DF310E Operator Manual

SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E Product brochure

SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E Product brochure

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Unboxed: MonoExact DF310E

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Dual Measurements for Oxygen and Moisture

Douglas Barth demonstrates how the MonoExact DF310E and AquaXact 1688 work together

MonoExact DF310E and AquaXact 1688

A combined solution for the dual measurement of moisture and oxygen 


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