DF-550E an ultra-trace Coulometric oxygen analyzer.

SERVOPRO DF-550E NanoTrace

The DF-550E NanoTrace is designed for ultra-trace semiconductor UHP gas analysis

An ultra-trace Coulometric oxygen analyzer, the DF-550E is optimized for quality measurements in ultra-high-purity electronic gases.

  • High stability coulometric trace and percent measurements
  • A no-compromise solution
  • Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

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Optimized for UHP gas measurements

Joseph Ha
Product Manager, Purity & Specialty

The DF-550E is designed to deliver ultra-trace measurements of oxygen (O2) as a contaminant in ultra-high purity electronic gases. With the highly sensitive 200 parts-per-trillion (ppt) Lower Detection Limit (LDL) delivering superior analytical headroom, the DF-550E’s fast response provides sensitive and dependable process monitoring.

Suitable for use with multiple background gases, the DF-550E is unaffected by sample and flow rate changes, making it ideal for upset prone conditions. Portability is optimized via a hand carry portable option and compact calibration system which can be integrated into the rear of the unit.

High stability coulometric trace and percent measurements

When you work in quality control of ultra-trace O2 contaminants, or carry out leak detection, you need an analyzer that can deliver both high performance, stable measurements and flexible use and configuration. You need analysis that is both stable, responsible and ultra-sensitive; it needs to deliver consistent results – untroubled by changing sample and flow rate conditions – and be able to overcome upset conditions quickly and efficiently. Flexibility is key: the ability to measure O2 in multiple background gases is essential to cover application requirements, while easy portability enables measurements across the whole of the process. Whatever your application needs, you’ll want an analyzer that can reduce your ongoing costs and provide operational efficiencies. We don’t believe you should have to compromise.

A no-compromise solution

The DF-550E is designed to deliver premium performance ultra-trace oxygen measurement in a range of background gases. Compact, reliable and highly accurate, the DF-550E series uses unique, non-depleting E-sensor technology to make exceptional low trace and ultra-trace ppt O2 measurements with minimal sensor drifting, no false low readings or frequent and costly calibration requirements. The result is an analyzer that has become the de facto industry standard for the reliable measurement of oxygen in semiconductor manufacture. In addition, the NanoTrace can be configured in various ways including initiation via front panel or digital interconnect. While a number of hand carry choices and an optional manual calibration facility – rear-mounted to the device – enable flexible portability.

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Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

In addition to its durable design and high reliability monitoring performance, the DF-550E provides attractive affordability. Initial set-up costs are reduced through its long-life pre-calibrated sensor technology that also comes with a 5 year warranty. The DF-550E features low ongoing device care costs through its requirement for only annual SPAN calibrations (no need to replace the programmable cell). These combined features make this device a flexible, reliable and affordable measurement solution you can depend on.

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Superior analytical performance

The DF-550E offers highly sensitive and reliable process monitoring for quality control and leak detection.

High performance

With a sensitive LDL of 200ppt, the DF-550E offers a fast speed of response in the presence of changeable sample concentrations or flow rates, and quick recovery from upsets.

Versatile operation

The DF-550E monitors O2 in multiple background gases, with a range of portability options available to provide measurements across the whole of the process.

Low ongoing costs

The non-depleting Coulometric sensing technology means the only ongoing maintenance requirement is an annual SPAN calibration, with no programmable cell replacement needed.

Unrivalled performance

  • Uses industry-leading, high stability coulometric sensor, with ultra-low drift
  • Highly sensitive 200ppt Lower Detection Level (LDL)
  • Fast speed of response in fluctuating O2 concentrations and flow conditions
  • Quick upset recovery dry- down avoids “running blind” when process problems occur


  • Suitable for use H2 , He, CH4 , CO, N2 , Ar and a host of fluorocarbons and slightly acidic HP gases
  • Optional zero calibration system allows for mobile field use
  • Flexible configuration options: initiation via front panel/digital interconnect
  • Battery backup optional
  • Use in 18 different sample gases. Standard with our gas scale factor feature

Easy to use

  • Bench top, panel mount or rack mount options
  • Simplified ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Optional calibration system for compact integration onto the rear of the panel

Low cost of ownership

  • Long lasting high capacity purifier on optional zero calibration system
  • Non-depleting coulometric sensor with five-year warranty
  • Requires only an annual SPAN calibration and RSA fluid quarterly
  • Expensive and disruptive sensor replacements not required

Benchmark compliance

  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Gases sensed, measurements and technologies

Using proven Coulometric sensing, the DF-550E delivers exceptional O2 measurements at trace and ultra-trace levels.

Gas Measurement
Oxygen (O₂)ppm, ppt, ppb


DF-550E an ultra-trace Coulometric oxygen analyzer.


  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Schematics (select to expand)


309mm (12.1”) Wide x 226 (8.8”) High x 253mm (9.9”) Deep


8.2kg (18lbs)

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“For in-depth specifications you’ll want to download our technical datasheet which includes information on technology, performance, operating environment, sample conditions and compliance along with technical drawings and top-level benefits and applications.”

Joseph Ha
Product Manager, Purity & Specialty

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“Our resource pack for the DF-550 contains all the information you’ll need to learn about the analyzer’s technical specifications and operational performance. Download it now to get the complete picture.”

Joseph Ha
Product Manager, Purity & Specialty

Manuals and brochures

Discover what the DF-550E can do for your process – download the operator manual and product brochure to find out more.

DF-500 Series expert paper

DF-500 Series expert paper

SERVOPRO DF-550E Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-550E Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-550E Product brochure

SERVOPRO DF-550E Product brochure

DF-500 Series Recommended Spares

DF-500 Series Recommended Spares

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