The HFID is a trace hydrocarbon analyzer for ASU safety and quality control

Using a highly sensitive heated Flame Ionization Detector (FID) for measuring volatile hydrocarbon concentrations in industrial or vehicle emission applications, the HFID utilizes an internally heated oven set to 190°C (374°F) to maintain the sample gas above its dew point, for optimum performance in total hydrocarbon analysis (THC). It can be equipped with a non-methane cutter for additional methane (CH4) and non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) reporting.

  • The definitive answer for total hydrocarbon, methane and non-methane hydrocarbon monitoring
  • Heated FID for a more reliable measurement
  • A flexible solution to meet your needs

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High-performance hydrocarbon analysis using heated FID sensing

Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process pm Oxygen & Zirconia Combustion

The HFID heated total hydrocarbon analyzer uses a highly sensitive FID to measure volatile hydrocarbon concentrations in vehicle/engine certification testing and industrial gas stack emissions monitoring applications. This ensures real-time, on-stream gas stream analysis, unlike gas chromatography (GC) based analyzers, which require batch sampling.

The oven temperature of the HFID analyzer for the gas sample is factory-set at 190°C to ensure that any heavy hydrocarbons (C5 and above) present in the emission stream are kept in the gas phase. The sample gas is maintained at this elevated temperature until it exits the FID bypass, thus preventing any loss of hydrocarbon concentration in the sample due to condensation. The heated sample gas is maintained at this temperature by a self-contained internally adjustable temperature oven.

Cutter system to remove non-methane hydrocarbons

To measure CH4 and NMHC, an oxidation catalytic converter is used to allow CH4 to pass through untouched to the FID detector, while all other hydrocarbons are oxidized to carbon dioxide (CO2).

This non-methane cutter assembly contains the heated catalyst, which removes all but the CH4 content of the sample gas. The cutter temperature is set to about 250°C, which is well below the oxidation temperature of CH4, and is optimized during factory calibration.

The definitive answer for total hydrocarbon, methane and non-methane hydrocarbon monitoring

Delivering an analytical solution that is reliable and accurate, the Heated FID (HFID) with integral non-methane cutter provides parts-per-million (ppm) measurements of hydrocarbon concentration using proven Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology. Easily switchable between measurement of methane, non-methane hydrocarbon and total hydrocarbon content, the analyzer provides a high level of sensitivity with a rapid response time. An innovative automatic fuel/air shut-off system ensures enhanced safety performance as well. With reduced ongoing costs via electronic flow control, and remote interaction through diverse communications platforms, the HFID is an uncompromising choice for THC analysis in vehicle/engine certification testing and industrial emissions monitoring applications.

Heated FID for a more reliable measurement

The HFID analyzer contains a heated oven, factory calibrated to be controlled at 190oC. By maintaining the sample gas at this temperature, the analyzer ensures that there is no loss in the total hydrocarbon content of the sample due to condensation of the heavier hydrocarbons, providing a more accurate measurement. Emissions from fuels such as diesel, oil, gasoline and others produce many more heavier hydrocarbons (C5 and above) in the exhaust emissions than compared to compressed natural gas emissions, so it is critical that the gas stream and the analysis remain at 190oC. Together with the non-methane cutter accessory, which can be used to remove all but the methane content of the sample, the methane, non-methane hydrocarbon and total hydrocarbon content of the gas can be measured with confidence.

A flexible solution to meet your needs

The HFID analyzer offers four user-definable measurement range options that can be factory scaled to order, and then rescaled as required in the field by the end user. The re-configuration can be made easily by manually paging through a keypad on the front panel, using the backlit 3”x5” LCD screen to read the selections. It can also be changed remotely via discrete logic using RS232C or TCP/IP communications. Using these options, the operator is able to select the desired methane (CH4), non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) and total hydrocarbon (THC) range needed for analysis of the sample.

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See the benefits of HFID

The HFID offers several advantages over competing technologies, with real-time, on-stream gas analysis, superior sensitivity and a fast response.


Meeting a number of regulatory standards, the HFID can be configured to comply with EPA Method 25A, EPA 1065/1066, LD Euro 6 and HD Euro V1.


The HFID offers four user-definable measurement ranges, reconfigurable in the field. A 100% hydrogen fuel version is also available.


The HFID uses high-accuracy, gas-selective FID technology for maximized uptime. It combines this with a heated oven for maximum stability and “hot/wet” sampling.


  • Four user-definable measurement ranges, reconfigurable in the field
  • A comprehensive THC, CH4 and NMHC solution for diverse applications
  • Remote operation via discrete logic, RS232C or TCP/IP communications
  • 100% H2 Fuel version available

Easy to use

  • Intuitive, engineer-friendly interface and installation
  • Factory calibrated for easy set-up
  • Automatic calibration and ranging

Low cost of ownership

  • High-accuracy FID technology for maximized uptime
  • Cost-effective and simplified on-going maintenance
  • Electronic flow control for reduced operational costs

Unrivalled performance

  • Heated oven for “hot/wet” sampling and maximum stability
  • Superior sensitivity and response time
  • Automatic fuel/air shutoff for increased safety

Benchmark compliance

  • CE Mark and ETL Listed
  • Conforms to UL STD 61010-1
  • Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 STD 61010.1
  • EPA 40 CFR Part 1065/1066, Euro VI HD and Euro 6 LD compliant configuration available





  • CE Mark and ETL listed
  • Conforms to UL STD 61010-1
  • Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 STD 61010.1
  • EPA 40 CFR Part 1065/1066, Euro VI HD and Euro 6 LD compliant configuration available
  • 100% H2 Fuel version available

Schematics (select to expand)


482.6mm (19”) wide x 133.35mm (5.25”) high x 584.2mm (23”) deep


22.73kg (50lb)

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Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process pm Oxygen & Zirconia Combustion

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Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process pm Oxygen & Zirconia Combustion

Manuals and brochures

Download the product brochure and operator manual for the HFID now. They contain key information about the set-up and performance of the analyzer.

SERVOPRO HFID Product brochure

SERVOPRO HFID Product brochure

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Key applications

  • Continuous real-time emissions monitoring (CEMS)
  • Vehicle/engine emissions certification testing
  • Compliance monitoring and testing
  • EPA Method 25A compliant
  • VOC abatement
  • Scrubber efficency

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