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Constructed to meet the extreme challenges of measuring gases in hot and hazardous environments, the SERVOTOUGH process and combustion analyzers integrate Servomex’s exceptional analytical performance into a highly robust and resilient design.

Optimized for hazardous area use, and utilizing both extractive and in situ analysis techniques, common gas measurements receive higher level analysis for light hydrocarbons and combustibles; this makes SERVOTOUGH analyzers ideal for extensive use within most hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications.

Manufactured to the highest specifications using custom-designed stainless steel enclosures, SERVOTOUGH analyzers are intrinsically safe and certified to the uppermost safety standards.

  • Oxy 1800

    Oxy 1800

    The SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800 simplifies safe area O2 monitoring by delivering a powerful value-added package of features built around highly accurate and reliable oxygen monitoring capabilities, utilizing the patented Servomex Paramagnetic oxygen transducer. 

  • Oxy 1900

    Oxy 1900

    Award-winning Paramagnetic digital O2 analyzer designed for hazardous area use

  • OxyExact 2200

    OxyExact 2200

    High spec process O2 analyzer offers safe or hazardous area control with up to 6 transmitters

  • SpectraScan 2400

    SpectraScan 2400

    Revolutionary inline real-time analysis of hydrocarbon components C1-C6

  • SpectraExact 2500

    SpectraExact 2500

    Reliable real-time photometric analysis of corrosive, toxic and flammable gas streams

  • FluegasExact 2700

    FluegasExact 2700

    Advanced fluegas analyzer for high-temperature measurement of O2 and combustibles

  • H2scan


    Explosion-proof in-line hydrogen process analyzer complements SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan

  • DF-140E


    Reliable oxygen measurement in a wide variety of environments

  • DF-320E


    Trace / percent oxygen measurements in Div 2 / Zone 2 hazardous area locations

  • DF-340E


    High-sensitivity trace / percent Coulometric oxygen analyzer certified for hazardous area use

  • OxyDetect


    Non-depleting Paramagnetic oxygen monitor designed for life safety applications

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