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The DF-760E is a dual moisture/oxygen analyzer for UHP gases

Designed for quality control applications in UHP bulk gases, the compact DF-760E analyzer is a unique solution for the dual measurement of trace and ultra-trace moisture (H2O) and oxygen (O2).

A unique dual measurement for quality control of UHP bulk gases

Delivering a compact integrated solution for the simultaneous monitoring of trace moisture and trace oxygen, the DF-760E is an analyzer designed for monitoring UHP bulk gases used in the manufacture of integrated circuit boards.

Combining the industry-leading properties of Servomex’s non-depleting Coulometric sensor and robust Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology within a single compact unit, the DF-760E measures ultra-low contaminant levels of H2O and O2 within background gas blends of nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), O2 and Argon (Ar) (H2O in O2 only).

Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

Industry-leading measurement performance

Offering exceptionally low, industry-leading Lower Detection Limits (LDL) of 100ppt (H2O) and 45ppt (O2), the DF-760E provides a fast speed of response, unsurpassed stability and immunity from trace acid damage, making it ideal for quality checking and leak detection in semiconductor FAB applications.

This unmatched measurement performance is supported by a low-maintenance design, delivered through the resilient zero-drift sensing technologies which require no ongoing calibration.

High stability TDL trace/ultra-trace measurements

When you work in the manufacture of integrated circuit boards, the quality control of electronics grade UHP gas is crucial. To measure O2 and moisture as a trace contaminant, you’ll want a highly sensitive measurement that measures down to the lowest levels. Measurement reliability with a fast speed of response and uncompromised stability are a must. And no matter your measurement requirements, you’ll want a solution that delivers operational efficiencies. We don’t believe you should have to compromise.

A no-compromise solution

The DF-760E is the only combination analysis solution for ultra-trace levels of moisture and oxygen, delivered through Servomex’s leading-edge TDL and Coulometric E-Sensor technology. A low LDL – 100ppt (H2O) / 45ppt (O2) – delivers the sensitivity demanded, and the ability to measure multiple gas streams for N2, H2, He, Ar and O2 background gases with a single device provides considerable adaptability to suit your gas quality checking needs.

Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

By offering a dual analysis capability in a single, compact one-box solution, the DF-760E reduces the footprint, infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with using separate analyzers for O2 and H2O respectively. By offering a consistently reliable, fast speed of response with zero drift, the DF-760E helps extend maintenance and calibration intervals, while factory pre-calibration simplifies set up and installation. This ensures the DF-760E delivers an integrated, value-added solution for the semiconductor industry.

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Unique benefits from dual measurement capabilities

The DF-760E provides industry-leading Lower Detection Limits (LDL) of 100ppt for moisture and 45ppt for oxygen for a single solution to trace contaminant measurements.

Broad detection

The DF-760E performs H2O measurements in ranges from 0-20ppm to 0-2ppb min., and from 0-20ppm to 0-1ppb min. for O2 measurements.

Minimal maintenance

The non-depleting Coulometric and TDL sensing technologies reduce ongoing costs, while zero sensor drift extends calibration intervals for the DF-760E.

Easy to use

Capable of operation through front panel or digital communication protocols, a single DF-760E can be used for dual measurements in a range of background gases.

Unrivalled performance

  • Stable, accurate sensing delivers industry-leading trace measurements
  • 100ppt LDL (H2O) / 45ppt LDL (O2)
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 60 years’ experience pioneering gas analysis thousands of units used in the field


  • Unique industry solution for ppt monitoring of moisture and O2
  • Operable via front panel or digital communication options
  • Broad Detection Range: 0-20ppm – 0-2ppb min (H2O) / 0-20ppm – 0-1ppb min (O2)

Easy to use

  • Dual analysis capability provides ‘one-box’ solution to H2O / O2 trace contaminant measurements
  • A single analyzer can be used for multiple background gases: N2, H2, He, Ar and O2

Low cost of ownership

  • Resilient TDL and non-depleting Coulometric sensing requires minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Zero sensor drift greatly extends calibration intervals
  • Coulometric E-Sensor immune from acid damage

Benchmark compliance

  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Gases sensed, measurements and technologies

The DF-760E combines non-depleting Coulometric sensor and robust TDL technology for trace and ultra-trace measurements of moisture and oxygen in a range of background gases.

Gas Measurement
Oxygen (O₂)ppm, ppb, ppt
Water vapour (Moisture) (H₂O)ppm, ppb, ppt


Coulometric Tunable Diode Laser
DF High Purity DF760E NanoTrace


  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Schematics (select to expand)


483mm (19”) Wide x 266mm

(10.5”) High x 608mm (23.9”) Deep


31.8kg (70lbs)

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Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

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Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

Manuals and brochures

Want to learn more about the performance and capabilities of the DF-760E? Download our product brochure and operator manual now.

SERVOPRO DF-760E Dual Trace Installation and Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-760E Dual Trace Installation and Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-760E Product brochure

SERVOPRO DF-760E Product brochure

DF-700 Gen 6 Series Recommended Spares

DF-700 Gen 6 Series Recommended Spares

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Designed to monitoring the purity of UHP bulk gases used in the manufacture of integrated circuit boards, the DF-760E delivers a unique low-level dual measurement of O2 and H2O.

Bulk gas quality control checks for integrated circuit board fabs | Leak detection checks

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