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The DF-745 SGMax moisture analyzer is optimized for specialty gas applications

A Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensor-based trace moisture analyzer, the DF-745 SGMax is designed for the measurement of diverse gas mixtures in specialty gas blending applications.

A flexible solution for specialty gas blending

Using intelligent integrated software, the DF-745 SGMax includes a database of 17 standard background gases – with blends of up to eight gases – providing an adaptable solution for diverse application needs. Thirty custom gas mixtures can be predefined directly via the front panel interface.

The robust SGMax can be moved easily from port to port, virtually eliminating dry down times often associated with these applications. TDL technology delivers a broad measurement range of 0-100 parts-per-million (ppm), with a Lower Detection Limit (LDL) of 5 parts-per-billion (ppb) – the lowest available without using a pump. Ultra-stable, zero drift sensing technology helps to extend calibration periods and reduce ongoing maintenance needs.

Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

Flexible TDL trace measurements for diverse gas blends

When you need to analyze moisture as a contaminant in pure and specialty gas blending applications, you depend on highly accurate, stable measurements with a low LDL and a broad measurement range. A robust design that permits portability to dry down times is essential to process efficiency, as is the requirements to record production
data efficiently. No matter the application, you’ll want a moisture analyzer that delivers class-leading performance while actively reducing maintenance costs. We don’t believe you should have to compromise.

A no-compromise solution

At the heart of the SGMax is powerful application software specifically designed for blending specialty gases involving single gases and mixtures with up to eight components. An expanded database of 17 standard background gases now includes CF4, C2F6, C3F8, C4F8 and NF3, while users can pre-define gas mixture templates for routine blends or define a custom mixture using the front control panel. Custom gases can be added using a simple data collection procedure.The SGMax also virtually eliminates dry down times, thanks to a clever hardware/software design and a compact, low weight format ensuring the simplified port to port mobility your applications demand.

Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

Factory calibrated, the zero-drift performance delivered by Servomex’s high-stability TDL sensing technology requires no ongoing calibration, while the non-depleting sensor technology never needs replacing. The exceptional 5ppb LDL is the lowest measurement level available without the additional set-up costs and continuing expense of using a pump.The SGMax is optimized for fast and efficient operation, with storage and recall functions for pure and specialty gas blends minimizing downtime switching between cylinder measurements. These advantages make the SGMax an adaptable, high performance analyzer you can depend on.

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The benefits of TDL moisture measurement

Designed for specialty gas applications, the DF-745 SGMax offers ultra-stable moisture monitoring and significant cost savings.

Integrated LCD interface

Gas blend storage, recall and measurement data is displayed on the DF-745 SGMax’s built-in LCD screen.

Flexible measurements

With a broad detection range of 0-100ppm, the DF-745 SGMax has an exceptionally low LDL of 5ppb.

Extended maintenance periods

The ultra-stable TDL sensor ensures that the DF-745 SGMax requires less frequent maintenance, while requirements are simple, with no consumables required.

Unrivalled performance

  • Uses industry-leading, high stability TDL trace and ultra-trace sensing with zero drift
  • Analysis is immune from gas cell contamination. The SGMax is able to operate to specification with up to 90% signal loss


  • Trace level Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensing provides high stability measurements through minimal moisture contact with optical elements
  • Broad detection range: 0-100ppm
  • Gas blend storage, recall and measurement data display via integrated LCD interface

Easy to use

  • Pure/specialty gas blend mixtures: database of 17 standard background gases and blends of up to 8 gases. Pre-define 30 gas mixture templates or create customized blends
  • Display shows real-time analysis and reference spectrum for increased user confidence
  • Display data on the integrated LCD interface or download onto a USB drive
  • Compact with a low weight; moves easily from port to port and ideal for other mobile applications
  • Up to 3 months of data history downloadable via the internal USB connection.

Low cost of ownership

  • Maintenance periods can be extended by the use of patented ultra-stable, zero drift, non-depleting TDL sensing technology
  • Zero drift reduces calibration requirements 5ppb
  • LDL lowest available without need for a pump

Benchmark compliance

  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Gases sensed, measurements and technologies

Combining TDL sensing technology with a robust Herriot Cell, the DF-745 SGMax provides and ultra-trace trace moisture measurements in a broad range.

Gas Measurement
Water vapour (Moisture) (H₂O)ppm, ppb


Tunable Diode Laser


  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Schematics (select to expand)


19 inch (48.3cm) Wide x 10.5 inch (26.7 cm) High x 22.5 inch (57.2 cm) Deep


70 pounds (31.8 kg)

Get the detailed specifications

“For in-depth specifications you’ll want to download our technical datasheet which includes information on technology, performance, operating environment, sample conditions and compliance along with technical drawings and top-level benefits and applications.”

Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

The DF-745 SGMax resource pack is ready to download

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Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor
Business Unit Director, P&S

Manuals and brochures

Find out all the features, benefits and technical specifications of the DF-745 SGMax – download the operator manual and product brochure now.

SERVOPRO DF-745 SGMax NanoTrace Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-745 SGMax NanoTrace Operator Manual

SERVOPRO DF-745 SGMax Product brochure

SERVOPRO DF-745 SGMax Product brochure

DF-700 Gen 6 Series Recommended Spares

DF-700 Gen 6 Series Recommended Spares

DF-745 SGMax expert paper

DF-745 SGMax expert paper

Typical applications

The DF-745 SGMax is optimized for moisture measurements in specialty gases, and provides an adaptable solution for a variety of application requirements.

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