UHP Gases/Semiconductors

We have the complete solution for UHP gas purity monitoring

Ultra-high purity (UHP) gases are essential for semiconductor manufacturing and the production of electronics such as LED and LCD displays. We provide a single-supplier solution for all UHP measurements in these applications.

A high-purity process depends on effective analysis

Manufacturing silicon wafers requires the use of ultra-pure gases to avoid contamination. Strict procedures, including multiple gas purification techniques, are used to ensure that ultra-high-purity gases are delivered to the manufacturing process. This requires accurate gas monitoring at very low levels of concentration.

Even tiny impurities can seriously disrupt production

Even the smallest impurities can cause major defects in a wafer, leading to costly scrap and waste. Quality control gas measurements are essential, but must cover all the impurities present. For example, adequate trace oxygen analysis will prevent oxidation and other reactions from affecting the process, but if trace-level moisture is missed, contamination will still occur. A comprehensive solution for all impurities is required, but this can lead to integration issues between hardware and software from different sources.

We provide a comprehensive systems solution

Our SERVOPRO DF500 and 700 NanoTrace ULTRA range of oxygen and moisture analyzers offers the lowest detection limits available to the industry, while the multi-gas SERVOPRO NanoChrome ULTRA provides the other trace impurity measurements required. These can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems or supplied as a turnkey Continuous Quality Control system designed to meet specific customer requirements.

We’re experts in UHP gas analysis

We understand the world of semiconductor manufacture and electronics-grade gases. That’s why we’re able to provide the best solutions for your process, backed by application knowledge and expert support.

Industry-leading detection

Our highly sensitive analyzers provide unmatched levels of detection for trace and ultra-trace impurities, including moisture and oxygen, in a wide range of background gases.

A complete solution

Combining our NanoChrome ULTRA multi-gas analyzer with the DF-560E ULTRA oxygen monitoring and the DF-700 ULTRA series moisture analyzers.

Global service support

An international network of regional service personnel provides full support for our analyzers and systems, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

Meet the experts

Doug Barth

Douglas is responsible for our SERVOPRO safe area analyzer range and the DF-500 series, overseeing the lifecycle of each product and ensuring they deliver customer satisfaction.

Douglas Barth, Senior Global Product Manager

As Service Manager for the Americas, Chris is responsible for the successful operation of our repair depots and field service groups throughout the region.

Chris Galley, Americas Service Manager

Based in Singapore, Chee Wee oversees our direct and channel sales teams in the region, and manages all Servomex sites and operations in Asia.

Chee Wee Yap, Asia Sales Director, Asia Site Leader

With a strong understanding of the emerging needs of customers resulting from ‘digital transformation’, Tony drives our strategy to deliver solutions and capabilities that meet those needs.

Tony Dodd, Head of Digital Architecture

Mark leads our global service teams to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations, promoting best practice and delivering the same high standards of service across the world.

Mark Calvert, Global Head of Service

A longtime Servomex expert with more than 33 years of service behind him, Phil has a vast knowledge of semiconductor market requirements, and provides technical and applications support for customers, colleagues and channel partners alike.

Phil Rogers, Senior Product Specialist, Semiconductor Sector

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