Beyond the measurement

Ever thought what the future might look like in gas analysis and measurements, particularly at a time like this?

Our new blog series looks at how a new combination of pressures and challenges in key sectors means we need to look beyond our core measurements and see how we can utilise new technologies to enable operational optimization and cost savings, while delivering accurate, reliable and stable gas measurements.

Tony Dodd
Head of Digital Architecture

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With the increasing need for remote plant management, combined with the requirement for continuous critical production, it is crucial that we develop new ways of working and innovating. Discover and discuss the key issues around gas analysis and digital transformation and help form the future of our gas analysis solutions.

Gas analysis – beyond the measurement

June 2020

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Gas Analysis – Beyond the Measurement – Maximizing Availability

July 2020

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Gas Analysis – Beyond the Measurement – Improving Safety

September 2020

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