Beyond the measurement

Many industrial production process depend upon reliable, accurate, and stable gas measurements in order to optimize operations, maintain safety, or meet regulatory requirements.

Servomex has been a proven provider of the analyzers which make those measurements for more than 60 years, and continues to make innovations in this area.

However, we also believe that by looking ‘beyond the measurement’, we can develop improved solutions as technology and digitalization develop.

In today’s Industry 4.0, economic, competitive, and regulatory pressures are combining with challenges arising from cultural and workforce shifts to spur a change in operations.

The focus on Operational Excellence – seeking the optimization of processes, assets and people – is increasing, and paying huge dividends.

Top-quartile performers stand out in Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Sustainability and Financial performance, especially  when compared to those at the opposite end of the spectrum.

They average three times fewer recorded safety incidents, a 4% increase in operational availability, 50% lower maintenance costs, a 30% reduction in emissions and energy use and 20% lower operating costs – clearly helpful in maximizing profits and margins.

With tougher times ahead, a continued focus on Operational Excellence could be critical for competitiveness or survival.

Operational Excellence gains often result from incremental, thoughtful and focused #digitalization initiatives: finding ways to automate or streamline manual, error-prone or slow activities and improve situational awareness.

Low-cost sensing, connectivity, data storage and processing are being harnessed to enable more informed and responsive operations and maintenance, making new levels of optimization and asset management compelling.

At Servomex, we believe that digitalization can be valuable to many of the activities associated with gas analysis systems.

It has the capability to maximize analyzer availability, increase safety to sites and personnel, and increase productivity, saving stakeholders time and money.

Tighter process control can also lead to benefits in terms of yields, safety, energy consumption and emissions. Digitalization enables greater process insight and improved control, rooted in data for the connected plant.

Additionally, it may also allow for improved regulatory compliance, streamlined procurement and cost management, and system interoperability.

These compelling possibilities – and the customer benefits they may provide – are the reason why we will continue to monitor the development of related technology for Industry 4.0, and search for new ways to make gas analysis solutions even more effective.

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