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Servomex gas analysis ensures safe, high-quality carbon capture

Our range of gas analysis technologies delivers the measurements needed to support a variety of carbon capture and storage (CSS) methods, including CO2 purity verification and the monitoring of contaminants.

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Application Note Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

Application Note Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

ES Magazine Issue 29 Clean Air

ES Magazine Issue 29 Clean Air

ES Magazine Issue 31 Industrial Process & Emissions

ES Magazine Issue 31 Industrial Process & Emissions

Gas analysis helps to control harmful emissions

Incomplete combustion causes harmful pollutants to be released to the environment. Most regulatory bodies require these pollutants to be monitored by continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), including measurements of reference O2 and particulate matter, as well as the pollutants SO2, NOx, CO, and CO2.

High-performance solutions ensure product quality

Captured CO2 is useful in the manufacture of fuels, carbonates, polymers and other chemicals, so its quality requires close monitoring through gas analysis. If captured from a process such as coal-fired power generation, it can contain traces of contaminants like sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

We have the solutions to make your process more efficient

The SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas is an extractive analyzer that can measure up to four flue gas components in a single chassis, meeting most continuous emissions monitoring gas analysis requirements. The SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact 2500 photometric gas analyzer is a key solution for quality control – in combination with a back pressure regulator, it offers an accuracy of +/-0.2% between the range of 80-100% CO2. We also supply analytical solutions for safety and combustion control.

We’re trusted experts in carbon capture and storage

Our extensive experience in supplying analytical systems for CSS means we understand your process. Our solutions are proven to deliver the results you need.

Expert team

Armed with deep applications knowledge, our experts can advise on the optimum solution for your plant conditions, supplying gas analysis that exactly matches your requirements.

Precise solutions

With a wide range of gas analysis technologies available, we’re able to deliver the most precise and correct measurement for various methods of CSS.

Global support

Our high-performance analyzers are supported by a network of service and support personnel, ensuring reliable performance across your process.

Meet the experts

Heading up our Industrial Process & Emissions Business Unit, Sangwon oversees application development, project management and engineering for our solutions in the power generation, hydrocarbon processing (HP) and emissions monitoring sectors.

SangWon Park, Business Unit Director, IP&E

Responsible for managing our oxygen analyzers in the Industrial Process & Emissions sector, Keith has been working with gas analysis solutions for more than 20 years, 12 of them at Servomex.

Keith Warren, Product Manager

Leading the life-cycle management of our Spectroscopic analyzer range, Rhys is responsible for the development of the markets they serve, and the strategic growth of those technologies.

Rhys Jenkins, IP&E Product Manager, Spectroscopic Analyzers

Overseeing the business development operations of our Industrial Process & Emissions team in China, Huiyu leads our pursuit of large international projects.

Huiyu Guan, Business Development Manager, IP&E, China

Leading our business development team within the EMEAI region, Stephen is focused on long-term global and regional projects, particularly in the refining, petrochemicals and chemicals sectors.

Stephen Firth, Global Business Development Manager

Karen is responsible for managing the UK Application team, using the team’s expertise and capabilities to create the effective solutions that make customer processes safer, more efficient, and cleaner.

Karen Gargallo, Application Manager

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4900 Multigas


The 4900 Multigas is a high-performance CEMS analyzer designed for a wide range of multi-gas measurements.

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AquaXact 1688


A rugged ultra-thin film Aluminum Oxide moisture sensor which measures moisture in a wide variety of gas phase process applications.

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DF-745 SGMax


The DF-745 SGMax is designed for the measurement of diverse gas mixtures in specialty gas blending applications.

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FluegasExact 2700

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Designed to measure O2 and COe in flue gases for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.

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Laser 3 Plus Combustion

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Unmatched installation flexibility plus cost and performance benefits, ready for fast, accurate and responsive measurements in combustion and process control.

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MultiExact 4100


A high-performance multi-gas analyzer designed to provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements.

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Oxy 1900

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

The Oxy 1900 oxygen (O2) gas analyzer sets new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.

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OxyExact 2200

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

The high-specification OxyExact 2200 O2 analyzer offers an unrivaled combination of precision, flexibility and performance for optimum process and safety control.

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SpectraExact 2500

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Flexible single and multicomponent gas analysis capability for corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams.

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