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When industrial or medical gases are produced, typically at an air separation plant, they are tested to ensure they match the required purity levels, depending on their intended use.

These primary gases are then stored in a large tank or similar container, often in liquefied form, before being transported to a transfilling station. The liquefied gas is passed through an evaporator to return it to the gas phase, then transferred to a cylinder for supply to the end-use customer.

These gases are sometime blended to create useful mixtures, such as medical air or diving gases. They may also be used as shielding gases for welding applications.

The gas blending procedure is very controlled, and the regulator must be purged to clean it between each cycle/batch. Secondary measurements are needed to make sure purity is not degraded.

Servomex offers highly accurate gas analysis solutions that deliver the essential measurements needed in gas bottling and transfill applications.

Our analyzers provide accurate measurements for assay and impurity monitoring, using a range of sensing technologies, and include:

With extensive experience in the industrial and medical gas sectors, our high-performance solutions are backed by our expertise and service support structure.

Find out how we can support you with complete, easy-to-use systems for your process.

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