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Servomex’s groundbreaking, patented Magnetodynamic Paramagnetic technology provides fast, accurate and sensitive measurement of percentage levels of oxygen.

Two nitrogen-filled glass spheres are mounted within a magnetic field, on a rotating suspension, with a centrally-placed mirror. Light shines on the mirror and is reflected onto a pair of photocells. As oxygen is attracted into the magnetic field, it displaces the glass spheres, causing suspension rotation which is detected by the photocells.

This generates a signal to a feedback system, which passes a current through a wire mounted on the suspension, creating a motor effect. This current is directly proportional to the concentration of oxygen within the gas mixture.

Unlike electrochemical technologies, a Paramagnetic cell never needs changing and offers a performance that never deteriorates - meaning reduced ongoing maintenance and a long operational life.   

Products featuring Servomex Paramagnetic technology:

  • 4900 Multigas

    4900 Multigas

    High performance CEMS analyzer designed for a wide range of multi-gas measurements 

  • Oxy 1800

    Oxy 1800

    The SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800 simplifies safe area O2 monitoring by delivering a powerful value-added package of features built around highly accurate and reliable oxygen monitoring capabilities, utilizing the patented Servomex Paramagnetic oxygen transducer. 

  • Oxy 1900

    Oxy 1900

    Award-winning Paramagnetic digital O2 analyzer designed for hazardous area use

  • OxyExact 2200

    OxyExact 2200

    High spec process O2 analyzer offers safe or hazardous area control with up to 6 transmitters

  • OxyDetect


    Non-depleting Paramagnetic oxygen monitor designed for life safety applications

  • MonoExact DF310E

    MonoExact DF310E

    Touch-screen ppm oxygen analyzer for IG applications

  • 4200/4210


    Multigas analysis of flammable gas samples including H2/CO, HyCO or Syngas mixtures

  • Micro i.s. 5100

    Micro i.s. 5100

    Intrinsically safe analyzer measures oxygen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide

  • MiniMP 5200

    MiniMP 5200

    Benchtop analyzer offering single or dual measurements of oxygen and carbon dioxide

  • MiniHD 5200

    MiniHD 5200

    Resilient IP65 analysis of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in industrial applications

  • MiniFoodPack 5200

    MiniFoodPack 5200

    Benchtop analyzer for checks / quality control in Modified Atmospheres Packaging

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