Thermal power and combustion efficiency control– a total gas analysis solution from Servomex

Servomex provides game-changing solutions for plant emissions control and monitoring, delivering cost, process, safety, and emissions benefits across all parts of the process.

In order to operate a combustion process at peak efficiency, it requires excess air to ensure complete combustion of the fuel. This presents a challenge, as too much or too little air will reduce the combustion efficiency and result in higher emissions, and a greater environmental impact.

Continuous monitoring of the amount of oxygen and combustibles in the flue gas is required to allow for prompt adjustments at the boiler control system to maintain peak efficiency.

Servomex’s combustion gas analyzers and emissions gas monitoring equipment meet this challenge directly, saving up to 4% of fuel costs, lowering emissions, maintaining the highest standards of safety and a reduction in the environmental impact.

The SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 flue gas analyzer monitors both oxygen and combustibles

(COe) in flue gases. Oxygen is measured using zirconium oxide sensor technology. A thick film catalytic sensor optimized for carbon monoxide is used to detect parts per million (ppm) levels of combustibles and monitor COe breakthrough.

In addition, to enable preventative maintenance, an optional flow sensor is available that monitors the flow up the analyzer’s probe and through the sensors. These sensors are housed in a heated sensor head mounted on the process wall to which a sample flue gas is aspirated via a sample probe.

Keith Warren, Head of IP&E Applications and Development, said: “Precise monitoring of plant equipment linked to a real-time process control strategy is crucial. Furnace combustion efficiency optimization tied to downstream gaseous emission levels leads not only to potential lower fuel costs but reduced CO, NOx, CO2, SO2 and particulate emissions, particularly during load changes and start-up and shutdown when the system temperatures are not ideal.

“We are the expert global partner, offering a total gas analysis solution, which includes the FluegasExact 2700 for optimizing combustion.”

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