Servomex launches its first specialized moisture sensor, the AquaXact 1688

Servomex has launched the AquaXact 1688, a rugged Aluminum Oxide sensor providing fast and accurate moisture measurements.

Capable of operating as a standalone 4-20mA loop-powered device, the AquaXact 1688 is also designed to be digitally interfaced to the new, dedicated AquaXact control unit, the SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E oxygen analyzer or the forthcoming SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 multi-gas analyzer.

It uses an industry-leading, ultra-thin film technology Aluminum Oxide replaceable sensor element for the measurement of dew point and ppm H2O measurements in applications including glove boxes, air separation units, natural gas processing and instrument air.

Cost of ownership is significantly reduced by eliminating the need to send transmitters back to the factory for calibration. Instead, the sensor tip can be replaced in the field, using any of the controller options to load the calibration file.

The high-brightness color, icon-driven 5” touchscreen display provided by these controllers also allows easy navigation of the AquaXact 1688’s software features.

Housed in a stainless steel, weatherproof casing (which is IP65/NEMA4x certified) the AquaXact 1688 operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -10oC to +70oC. With a dew point range from -100oC to +20oC (ppmv ranges are also available), the sensor offers an accuracy of ±3oC and repeatability within 0.5oC.

Jim Belanger, Global Market Sector Manager at Servomex, explains: “The AquaXact is our first specialized moisture detector. It delivers what our customers want: robust reliability, accuracy, ease of use, and low maintenance. In addition, eliminating the need for return-to-factory calibration when replacing the sensor tip offers significant savings on cost of ownership.”

Find out more about the new AquaXact 1688 moisture sensor here.

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