Discover the benefits of our ultra-trace oxygen analyzers

We’ve just launched a new expert paper exploring the features and benefits of our DF-500 series of ultra-trace oxygen gas analyzers.

Using trusted, non-depleting Coulometric sensing technology, the DF-500 series measures O2 to the lowest parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels available, protecting the quality of ultra-high-purity gases used in the semiconductor industry.

The expert paper looks at the advantages of the DF-500 series, which consists of the DF-550E and DF-560E, can be configured with a detection limit as low as 45ppt – equivalent to finding one specific drop of water in 19 Olympic-size swimming pools.

It also examines how Coulometric sensing works, and why it provides the most effective and sensitive O2 monitoring solution for the semiconductor market and wider applications.

To find out more, download the expert paper here.

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