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Servomex’s expert solutions for your industrial, medical and UHP gas applications

Our technologies support your purity and quality assurance processes, including air separation, gas bottling and transportation, and semiconductor manufacture. We have the expert knowledge to deliver the optimum solution for your operation.

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Oxygen Canisters

Comprehensive analysis for industrial gases

We set the standard for accurate, reliable gas analysis in the industrial gas (IG) market, delivering ground-breaking technologies and solutions for unparalleled performance and reduced cost of ownership.


High-purity trace analysis for medical gases

Our high-performance analyzer solutions and sensing technologies meet pharmacopeia standards for measuring medical gases. Versatile, industry-leading analysis delivers the purity monitoring you need.

Someone holding a silicon wafer

Ultra-trace solutions for semiconductor gas applications

Accurate, stable gas analysis that reaches the lowest detection limits is key to producing ultra-high-purity gases for semiconductor manufacturing. We have a unique, single-supplier solution that covers every essential UHP measurement in the sector.

We have a team of experts to support your Purity & Specialty

Matt leads our expert Purity & Specialty team in providing products, knowledge
and service to the industrial, medical, UHP and semiconductor gas markets.

Matt Chambers, Business Unit Manager, Purity & Specialty

Responsible for managing our Chroma Business Unit, Claus is a highly experienced engineer who has worked at Servomex since 2004, leading the research and development of many new products. He is also a member of Servomex’s STEM program

Claus Agersbaek, Business Unit Manager, Chroma

Based in the US Technical Center, Joseph works closely with customers in the semiconductor and industrial gas markets, providing expertise and product solutions to meet their requirements.

Joseph Ha, Product Manager, Purity & Speciality

Chris works closely with our customers, sales team and engineers to drive growth through applications and product development.

Chris Davis, Product Manager

A longtime Servomex expert with more than 33 years of service behind him, Phil has a vast knowledge of semiconductor market requirements, and provides technical and applications support for customers, colleagues and channel partners alike.

Phil Rogers, Senior Product Specialist, Semiconductor Sector

Based in Singapore, Chee Wee oversees our direct and channel sales teams in the region, and manages all Servomex sites and operations in Asia.

Chee Wee Yap, Asia Sales Director, Asia Site Leader

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Key applications for the P&S market

Thanks to our wide range of sensor technologies, we offer single-supplier solutions for many applications and processes across a variety of industries.

Air separation units

Diverse sensing solutions that adapt to your process

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Medical gases

An advanced solution for purity assay and impurity detection

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UHP Gases / Semiconductors

A comprehensive systems solution

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