Servomex launches CLD analyzer for low level NOx detection applications

Servomex has added the SERVOPRO NOx to its family of low level emissions analyzers, a versatile gas analyzer which uses time-proven Chemiluminescence Detection (CLD) to measure NO or NO/NO2/NOx concentrations, all in one package.

A high sensitivity photodiode detector makes it ideal for continuous monitoring of industrial stationary sources, while an acquisition speed up to 5Hz makes it a perfect solution for emissions and certification testing in engines and vehicles.

The standard analyzer option can also be equipped with the Servomex Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, and a heated CLD version is available for vehicle or engine certification testing.

Delivering a linear high dynamic range with from trace levels to 1000s of ppmv concentrations makes this analyzer suitable for use in ambient air or continuous emissions monitoring applications. The SERVOPRO NOx allows for user selectable measurement ranges, from 0-3ppm to 0-3,000ppm, all of which can be changed and recalibrated in the field, manually or remotely.

Barbara Marshik, Servomex’s Market Segment Manager for Power & Environmental Emissions said: “The SERVOPRO NOx is a must-have solution, not only for any industrial stationary source, but it is also an excellent choice for any mobile source (vehicle or engine) NOx emissions application. With fast acquisition rates (5Hz), flexible ranges, the analyzers maintain ultra-low detection limits and high dynamic range to meet any application requirements, offering the highest level of performance for a low cost of ownership.”

The SERVOPRO NOx is one of three recent additions to Servomex’s emissions monitoring analyzer range. It joins the SERVOPRO SO2, which uses pulsed Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence technology, and the SERVOPRO HFID which uses a heated-oven, Flame Ionization Detection-based detector for total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane hydrocarbon detection.

Together, they join Servomex’s existing SERVOPRO 4900 multi-gas analyzer, to offer the ultimate in low level emission detection providing a comprehensive solution for the monitoring of NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, methane, total hydrocarbons, and non-methane hydrocarbons in a diverse range of industrial and vehicle applications.

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