Chemiluminescence - Non-depleting sensing technology for NOx analysis

Used in our SERVOPRO NOx gas analyzer, Chemiluminescence sensing is a light-based technology ideal for the measurement of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and total oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in a wide range of combustion and emissions monitoring applications.

Chemiluminescence detectors take advantage of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) chemical reactions that emit light as part of that process. This is different from fluorescence or phosphorescence, in that the light produced stems from a chemical reaction rather than by the absorption of photons by the molecule.

Chemiluminescence analyzers use a thermally stabilized photodiode to measure the intensity of the light produced by the reaction of NO with ozone (O3). The intensity is directly proportional to the concentration of NO that was converted to NO2 by the reaction.

By converting the NO2 in the gas stream to NO, then reacting it with the O3, the total NOx value can be calculated, allowing speciation of NO, NO2 and total NOx with a single analyzer.

Related and alternative technologies

Chemiluminescence sensors can be used alongside Gfx, Infrared, Paramagnetic and Flame Ionization Detector technology to deliver a comprehensive continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) solution.

If the sample gas pressure varies, the amount of light emitted will be affected even if the NOx concentration remains stable. Pressure control of the sample gas is essential for accurate measurement by a Chemiluminescence sensor.

Key applications

Vehicle emissions testing


Combustion efficiency

DeNOx systems

Key benefits

Excellent trace analysis results

Rapid response time

Non-depleting technology – keeps cost of ownership low

Ideal for

Rapid-response applications such as vehicle and engine emissions certification testing, CEM, combustion efficiency, and process gas monitoring.

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