Keep your oxygen analysis at peak performance in 2021

Is your process prepared for the new year? Now is the time to place an order if you need to upgrade your oxygen analysis.

Our SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900 and OxyExact 2200 digital Paramagnetic analyzers provide optimum process and safety control in hazardous areas.

The Oxy 1900 is a cost-effective solution that sets new standards for flexibility, measurement stability and reliability. It delivers all the features the industry expects from an oxygen analyzer, alongside revolutionary, value-added options.

It is ideal for applications including process control, safety critical oxidation, flare stack analysis, and vapor recovery. To find out more, go to

The OxyExact 2200 is our high-specification oxygen analyzer, capable of controlling up to six transmitters per control unit. It offers an unrivalled combination of precision, flexibility and performance, for ultimate process monitoring.

Applications include oxidation control, EO, PTA and EDC manufacturing, catalyst regeneration, and solvent recovery. Learn more at

Discuss the best way to improve oxygen analysis in your process with our expert team:

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