New quick-start video guide to setting up Gen-7 DF-700 analyzers

We’ve created a new quick-start video guide designed to make setting up and operating your new Gen-7 analyzer from the SERVOPRO DF-700 NanoTrace Series as simple as possible.

Hosted by Matt Chambers, Head of Engineering at the US Technical Center, and Senior Applications Engineer Phil Rogers, it covers all the necessary steps for setup and configuration, along with troubleshooting tips and how to download system data.

The 20-minute guide begins with the DF-700 unit being removed from its transport crate. Matt and Phil explain what is included in the package and where it can be found.

Next, Phil points out where all the connections can be found for the DF-760 model, which provides dual measurements of moisture and oxygen and so has the most connections in the series.

Phil then takes advantage of the Gen-7 analyzer’s larger screen and easy-to-use interface to explain the information display and demonstrate how to configure a working DF-750 model for accurate analysis, including setting outputs and alarms.

The DF-700 also offers a range of diagnostic tools to help if you think there may be a problem with your analyzer. The team explains how these can be used to monitor the health of your analyzer and be confident that everything is operating as expected.

Finally, if an analyzer issue is detected, the troubleshooting tools allow the user to download system data – up to 10 days’ worth – onto the USB stick provided. Phil talks you through this simple procedure and explains what to do with the data files obtained.

The video also lets you skip directly to the section you need, for rapid set-up support without having to sit through information you don’t need to know.

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