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Rhys Jenkins
Rhys Jenkins
IP&E Spectroscopic Product Manager

Our SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus range delivers fast, accurate gas analysis for process oxygen, ammonia, and combustion gases in a compact, easy-to-use platform.

With solutions for process control, ammonia slip, and combustion monitoring, these analyzers combine unmatched installation flexibility with superior cost and performance benefits.

Combining the advanced Wavelength Modulated Spectroscopy (WMS) measurement techniques with unique signal processing, Servomex’s Tunable Diode Laser sensing delivers a rapid response for measurements of oxygen (O2), ammonia (NH3), carbon monoxide (CO), and CO with methane (CH4).

Line-lock cuvette technology ensures continuous, reliable measurement of the required gas in furnaces, process heaters, NOx reduction, CEMS monitoring of NH3, and power generation.

Rapid-response process control

The Laser 3 Process is optimized for fast, accurate, and responsive measurements of process O2 in hot or hazardous conditions up to 500oC. It’s ideal for process heaters, furnaces, and thermal power generation applications.


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Fast, accurate combustion analysis

Measuring O2, CO, and a combination of CO and CH4 in in-situ cross-stack applications, the Laser 3 Plus Combustion supports control, efficiency, and safety in power generation, process heater, and furnace applications.


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CEMS and ammonia slip monitoring

A reliable solution for accurate ammonia (NH3) measurements in DeNOx processes, the Laser 3 Plus Environmental also meets the US EPA PS18 standard for reliable CEMS monitoring of NH3 as a precursor to the formation of harmful particulates.

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