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Thermal Conductivity

A thermal conductivity measurement of a sample gas is a popular method of determining the gas concentrations of binary mixtures, but current, traditional katharometer technologies not only measure the thermal conductivity, but also the thermal mass of the gas, thus causing distortion to the measurement.

The innovative new TCD technology from Servomex is the world's first true Thermal Conductivity sensor.  Using unique Servomex TRU REF technology to eliminate the effect of changing sample conditions, the Servomex TCD measurement is not distorted by convention effects - unlike katharometer technologies used elsewhere.

The result is exceptional accuracy and stability of measurement, guaranteeing the "best-in-class" performance for drift accuracy, linearity and repeatabile performance, as well as lower cost-of-ownership through reduced calibration requirements and no requirement for a reference gas.

Measurements available include He in N2, He in O2, H2 in Ar and He in N2

Products featuring Servomex TRU REF TCD technology

  • Chroma


    Highly versatile trace gas analyzer platform configurable to a wide range of applications

  • MonoExact


    Single measurement ASU analyzer offering revolutionary TCD sensor measurements

  • MultiExact 5400

    MultiExact 5400

    Digital multi-gas analyzer, optimized for wide range of ASU measurements

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