The FluegasExact 2700 analyzer for effective combustion analysis

Calorimetry - For sensitive, accurate measurements of combustibles

Calorimetry technology – also known as Thick Film Catalytic sensing – is used in our SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 combustion analyzer. It works alongside the FluegasExact 2700’s Zirconia sensor to deliver a measurement of both oxygen and combustibles from one analyzer.

The sensor measures combustibles COe from its exothermic reaction with oxygen O2 over a catalytic platinum surface, which produces carbon dioxide CO2 and the heat generated is used to determine the COe concentration.
A four-quadrant bridge track is over-glazed to shield the circuit from the sample gas and two quadrants are then coated in platinum catalyst. These quadrants form a Wheatstone bridge circuit, with the disc mounted in a cell heated to 300oC (572oF) or 400oC (752oF).
When the gas sample is added, any COe present in the sample will combust on the catalyst, which will heat the respective quadrant and alter the Wheatstone bridge output voltage.
The output delivered will be directly proportional to the COe concentration, providing an accurate measurement.

Related and alternative technologies

The Calorimetry sensor works alongside Zirconia oxygen sensing for an all-in-one combustion control solution. High levels of sulfur emissions may degrade the sensor catalyst, so a sulfur-resistant sensor may be required. It also has potential cross-sensitivity to other combustible gases. Tunable Diode Laser technology, configured to measure CO, provides an alternative in some applications.

Key applications

Process heaters
Thermal crackers
Utility boilers

Key benefits

Highly sensitive

Accurate and stable at low concentrations

Reduced ongoing maintenance

Ideal for:

Highly sensitive, accurate and stable measurements of COe at low concentrations in combustion applications.

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FluegasExact 2700

SERVOTOUGH Hazardous Area

Designed to measure O2 and COe in flue gases for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.

The FluegasExact 2700 analyzer for effective combustion analysis
  • For combustion efficiency and reduced emissions
  • O2 only, or O2 & COe measurements in one sensor head
  • Ideal for all types of combustion processes
  • Robust, Industrial, fully-heated sensor head
  • Long-life, low-drift Oxygen sensing technologies
  • Close coupled, low flow extractive sampling design, extends product life

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