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The most complete lifecycle management for your gas analyzer

Our Partnership service plan delivers maximum end-to-end support for your gas analysis system across its operational life, with a customized, premium support package that ensures peak performance.

What you get

Our top-of-the-range service support package, the Partnership plan puts our expert support at the heart of your long-term gas analyzer maintenance from day one, for the highest levels of reliability and performance.



With full lifecycle support for your gas analysis equipment, we deliver the highest possible measurement availability for your analyzer. Beginning with FAT and commissioning services and continuing with a complete, ongoing partnership, our customized service will meet the precise needs of your process over the lifetime of the analyzer.

Spare parts

Our comprehensive spares service is ready to deliver to your site, with 15% off the cost of spares. With a global network of business centers holding extensive stocks of key spares and consumables, we can provide a rapid, 48-hour dispatch on parts in stock. Our ongoing relationship means we can also plan to have the parts you need for scheduled maintenance, right when you need them.


With full access to our technical expertise, network engineers and extensive global resources, you’ll have complete assurance that your gas analyzer is producing accurate, reliable measurements at all times. A full, lasting partnership with our team provides consistent, high-quality end-to-end support that delivers complete peace of mind from start to finish.

Here’s how we help

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The best global support available

Our Partnership plan is designed to meet all your service and support needs from day one, and throughout the lifetime of your gas analyzer or system. Fully customized to meet your process needs, it encompasses our complete range of service products and includes a 15% discount on additional services and spares.

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An enduring partnership

With this premium plan, we don’t just deliver expert support and scheduled maintenance. We build an ongoing, consistent relationship that ensures we fully understand your gas analysis requirements and how your site operates. From the outset, we’ll quickly become a trusted part of your team, keeping your operation running with the most reliable gas analysis.

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The total package, designed by experts

Servomex is the global expert in gas analysis, so who better to ensure you get the best performance from your analyzer at all times? Our comprehensive service plan is tailored to your needs, so you get all the support you need, without paying for those services you don’t. From FAT and commissioning to on-site support, training and health checks, this plan means you can leave the maintenance of your gas analysis to us, freeing you to concentrate on delivering your process effectively.

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Get an additional six-month warranty and confidence in your analyzer from day one

Commissioning is the process of ensuring that systems and components are designed, tested, operated and maintained according to requirements. This ensures peak performance from day one of operation.

Servomex commissioning helps avoid the costly process inefficiencies and on-going maintenance costs caused by incorrectly installed or commissioned equipment.

Our expert engineers support the correct operation of your analyzer, with an assessment of installation suitability followed by commissioning to ensure safe, accurate and reliable performance.

Servomex commissioned analyzers meet all your safety, compliance and operational needs, and qualify for an additional six-month warranty period.

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Regional service support – it's there when you need it

Our regional service centers provide a full range of support for Servomex’s customers, wherever you are in the world, ensuring the life of your analyzer is sustained.

And, if anything goes wrong, we’ll get your gas analysis system up and running again quickly, with expert teams close to your site, and a fast turnaround on in-house repairs and servicing.

Equipped with the latest specification workbenches, custom-designed for each analyzer, our centers carry out maintenance and repairs to the highest quality standards. A dedicated in-house co-ordination team works closely with highly experienced repair engineers, delivering a streamlined, hassle-free service at every center.

With a complete understanding of all our analyzers and the ability to quickly diagnose issues, our experts understand how important gas analysis is to your operation, and are focused on minimizing process downtime.

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Reduce unforeseen downtime, with support tailored to your needs

A Servomex service agreement lets you choose the support and benefits that suit you, from off-site telephone support to the complete management and maintenance of your gas analysis systems.

Every agreement, whether off-the-shelf or customized, offers guaranteed service levels with many benefits, including:

– fixed maintenance costs

– discounts on spare parts

– priority response times

– emergency call-outs to resolve issues quickly

Our sales and service representatives will help ensure your analyzers are covered by the right service package, saving you time and money compared to dealing with ad hoc maintenance and inconvenient breakdowns.

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The support you need, delivered directly to your site

Servomex service engineers are ready to deliver their expertise and experience to plants and operations around the world, with rapid support for your on-site analyzer and system requirements.

These skilled product specialists are fully qualified and equipped with the right spares for all your servicing requirements, from commissioning to maintenance. And, if there’s a problem with your gas analysis system, our global coverage means they are always close by and ready to help.

We know that many plants run remotely or with a minimum complement of staff. Servomex on-site support ensures that your gas analyzers remain fully supported, guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

Our team will carry out repairs, checks and adjustments in line with your plant’s needs, so you can meet the required operating performance and safety levels.

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High-quality spares to ensure maximum uptime

Servomex’s global sales and distribution network procures factory-authorized replacement parts and fully tested spares kits, customized to precise requirements and delivered wherever and whenever needed.

For ease of selection and ordering, all our analyzers are supplied with a definitive list of typical spares, so that parts can be found quickly. Our global service team is also on hand to help you select the correct part, avoiding any downtime caused by incorrect selections.

This team can advise on the recommended quantities of stock to keep on site, making your stock management hassle-free and cost-effective.

Our global network of business centers holds extensive stocks of all key spares, so we can provide a 48-hour dispatch for these parts, ensuring you get what you need quickly, minimizing costly analyzer downtime.

Servomex portable gas analyzer range

Source a temporary replacement analyzer – or try before you buy

Servomex rentals allow operators to hire the latest product technology on a long or short-term temporary basis. These analyzers are maintained to our highest standards, and are upgraded to the latest specifications to deliver maximum process benefits from the outset.

Rental customers get full access to our expert support team, including commissioning, service and maintenance options.

If the efficiency, quality and safety of your process depends on a Servomex analyzer, but that device needs servicing or repair, our rental service will supply a like-for-like replacement mapped to your specifications, ensuring minimal disruption to your process.

And, if you’re looking to install a new analyzer or replace an existing device, rental is a cost-effective way to try our products before buying.

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The training you need to get maximum benefit from your analyzer

If you want to get the best performance and long-term reliability from your gas analyzer, it’s essential that your on-site users and maintenance teams are fully trained to deal with them.

We offer programs ranging from basic user training to advanced understanding of the measurement technology, including diagnostic and maintenance capabilities.

Run by highly qualified, experienced specialists, all attendees can enhance their skills and knowledge through a combination of classroom theory and practical workshops.

Our training specialists will create a course that fits around your specific requirements, working with you to ensure your team gets effective instruction within the desired timeframe and at a preferred location.

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For complete assurance that your gas analyzer will meet requirements

Ensure your gas analysis system will arrive ready to operate according to your specifications, with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before it leaves our workshop.

Carried out at one of our regional service centers in collaboration with your own staff, the FAT is an extensive testing process that allows any issues to be identified and corrected prior to shipping to your site.

Designed to cover system builds, it is also beneficial for large-scale analyzer projects. While our team carries out standard tests throughout the build process, the FAT allows you to set your own requirements to ensure your gas analyzers perform exactly as you expect.

It means that when the system arrives on your site, it can be installed and ready to operate quickly – especially if supported by our commissioning service product.

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Increase analyzer reliability and minimize unscheduled repairs

Maintaining the operational efficiency of your gas analyzer can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve developed the Servomex health check, a thorough evaluation and review of the analyzers and sample system in your plant, carried out by one of our expert engineers.

The check is conducted on-site and supported by a report that identifies any operational issues and recommends how to maintain the best performance of your device. It means you get:

– Unmatched protection for your analyzer investment

– Assurance that your analyzer is performing to specifications

– Increased reliability and trustworthy results

– The capability to avoid unscheduled repairs

As part of a Servomex health check, we can also provide operator training, advice on maintenance plans, and recommendations over which spares to hold in stock.

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‘Our Service resource pack contains all you need to know about our global support for your system, delivered locally. Get peace of mind for your measurements – download the resource pack today.’

Mark Calvert
Global Head of Service

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