Product Management Career Function

Typical job titles within this function include:

  • Global Product Manager

The role profiles below provide an overview of an Product Manager:

Product Manager

The Product Manager (PM) works in close partnership with a wide range of internal functions including Sales, Research & Development (R&D), Marketing and Operations. The PM also maintains close contact with our end users and trade organizations to understand the detailed product requirements of the marketplace – the voice of the customer. Armed with this knowledge, the PM will work with R&D to define new product requirements and launch them onto the market when the development project is completed.

For all ‘live’ products, the PM will ensure that all the field sales teams and distribution network are fully equipped with all the sales materials and product training necessary to effectively sell; they will also work with the service department to make sure all the customer aftersales requirements are met. Finally when a product becomes old and reaches its retirement time, the PM will manage the orderly withdrawal of the product from the market, ensuring spare parts are available to all existing users. Given the broad range of tasks within the role, the PM must have a diverse range of personal skills: principally great communication and networking skills; a strong commercial business instinct; coupled with the technical skills necessary to master the product’s functionality and the customer’s applications.

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