Servomex’s high-temperature oxygen transmitter achieves SIL 2 compliance for safe use in hazardous areas

Servomex now offers SIL 2 safety compliance for the 2222H transmitter unit of its SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200 oxygen gas analyzer.

A high-precision oxygen analyzer designed use in for hazardous area installations, the OxyExact utilizes Servomex’s patent field-proven, non-depleting Paramagnetic sensing technology for a highly accurate, repeatable oxygen measurement.

Using an intelligent three-enclosure system to ensure safe operation, it measures enriched oxygen (up to 100% O2) in potentially flammable sample gases at pressures up to 45psia. This system dramatically reduces ongoing costs by removing the need for pre-sample drying.

Used in process control applications where high-temperature, high-performance oxygen measurements are required, the OxyExact is ideal for use in a range of hydrocarbon processing applications including production of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, ethylene dichloride, and vinyl acetate monomer acid.

The OxyExact 2000 is configured as a central control unit configured with up to six transmitters for easy device interaction and set-up.

The 2222H is now assessed as being SIL 2 compliant for use in safety instrumented systems in respect of hardware integrity only, according to IEC 61508 part 2:2010. This means the OxyExact is certified for safe use in an even wider range of hazardous environments. The assessment covers 2222H units configured with or without the optional internal flow alarm feature.

2222H SIL 2 rating adds to the existing range of hazardous areas certifications covering the OxyExact, including ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA compliance, and joins the OxyExact 2223 transmitter versions in being SIL 2 compliant.


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