Preventative maintenance and regular servicing leads to longevity in Servomex analyzers

Servomex launched the NanoChrome in 2013, and the first analyzer was sold to a large industrial gas company in Singapore in 2014, to replace its conventional FID and RCP gas chromatogram.

This particular analyzer is still going strong today, thanks to regular preventative maintenance (PM), calibration and service, and generally being looked after by the company.  It has delivered >99% uptime and led to at least $10K cost savings in maintenance.

Mark Calvert, Global Head of Service, commented: This NanoChrome example demonstrates that regular servicing, upkeep, and preventative maintenance of our analyzers can lead to reduced downtime, and cost savings. It’s not just the NanoChrome that this applies to; all our analyzers will benefit from PM and service. The message is simple – look after your analyzer and it will serve you well for many years!”.

Servomex provides a range of service and support plans for your analyzer, to keep your process running smoothly. Find out more here:

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