Breath of fresh air for ASUs

Servomex delivers a comprehensive range of gas analysis solutions for cryogenic air separation processes, delivering essential measurements from start to finish.

These measurements help control the process, and ensure high-quality products are produced by the air separation unit (ASU).

In Issue 30 of our Expert Solutions (ES) magazine, we take a detailed look at the industrial process used to separate atmospheric air into pure gas products of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. We also showcase the sensing technologies used to certify purity and monitor impurities.

The new magazine also introduces some of the experts in our Purity & Specialty team who help deliver effective gas analysis solutions to our ASU customers.

It includes:

  • A visual guide to the ASU process, showing key measurement points
  • A round-up of our comprehensive gas analysis products for ASUs
  • A detailed explanation of the cryogenic air separation process

To learn more, download your copy of ES30 from our website now:  click here

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