Servomex launches special Expert Solutions gas analysis magazine celebrating 70th anniversary

Crowborough, UK, July 2022 – Servomex has launched a special edition of its Expert Solutions magazine focusing on its gas analysis expertise over the last 70 years.

Now celebrating its 70th year in the industry, the edition includes a history of the company since its formation in 1952 and information about its latest – and very first – products.

It also contains information about the company’s dedication to decarbonization through its clear air campaign, knowledge of carbon capture and storage and its pledge to become carbon net-zero by 2030 as part of the Business Ambition for 1.5°C.

Dedicated sections to purity and speciality solutions, industrial process engineering, and the company’s commitment to sustainability across the organization are included. The magazine also details the Queen’s Award success that Hummingbird Sensing Technology, Servomex’s sensor technology brand, has received not once but twice.

There is also a double-page spread covering the notable landmarks of Servomex’s 70-year journey alongside renowned world events. Servomex was founded in the same year that Elizabeth II ascended the throne in the UK and the film Singin’ in the Rain premiered.

Andy Cowan, who took up the role of President in February this year, said: “The Expert Solutions magazines have grown to become well-regarded and an invaluable source of information across the industry by many of our customers.

“Launching a specialist magazine to celebrate our 70th anniversary enables us to further demonstrate our position as gas analysis experts, showing the breadth of knowledge we have obtained throughout that time, and provides a valuable platform in which we discuss how we’ll be using that knowledge to look to the future, developing our solutions and products to support our customers.”

The latest edition marks the tenth anniversary since the first issue of the Expert Solutions magazine, which originally included information about product releases and staff appointments, technology features and an early version of the product guide. Since its original launch, which was in a purely printed format, the ES magazines now comes in both interactive and downloadable versions for easier access to customers all over the world.

For more information you can download your copy of ES Issue 34 now.

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