Expert guides to our EDC manufacturing solutions

Find out more about the gas analysis challenges facing operators in the production of ethylene dichloride (EDC) with our application video and expert podcast, both available on the Servomex website now.

EDC is an important intermediate in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and requires accurate, reliable gas analysis to overcome process issues such as condensation and corrosion. These measurements also help control the process to ensure efficiency, maintain product quality, and support process safety.

Our video looks at the production process and identifies key areas for gas analysis measurements, along with the optimum solution.

Products featured include the new SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact 2500 photometric analyzer, a flexible, high-performance multi-component device that can measure gases in corrosive, toxic, or flammable samples, with real-time online monitoring.

The safety function of the SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200 Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is also examined, with an explanation of how it can be used to monitor oxygen levels in the reactor using a voting system.

In the podcast, Applications Manager Karen Gargallo is joined by Global Business Development Manager Stephen Firth and Applications Development Engineer MinWoo Lim as they explore the EDC market, talk about the areas in the production process where gas analysis measurements are required, and explain Servomex’s key solutions.

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