Case study: Servomex and Cranlea human performance

Servomex Analyzer and Support Helps Physiology Systems Provider to Outsell Competitors x10

Specialist manufacturers for the Physiology and Sports Science sectors, Cranlea Human Performance designs and develops Physiology systems which collect expired air during exercise for academic analysis. In order to do so, and in order to meet its goal of becoming the leading supplier of systems in the UK, the company relies on the best analytical equipment available to deliver the results its customers require.


Designed into Cranlea’s systems, the Servomex SERVOFLEX MiniMP 5200 (MP) portable gas analyzer was selected for its ability to provide swift and highly accurate analysis using Servomex’s world leading paramagnetic and infrared sensors. Able to provide single or dual measurements of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the MiniMP 5231 variant is ideal for accurately measuring the composition of common gas mixtures required for Physiology monitoring.

Andy Morley, Sales Manager at Cranlea Human Performance explains: “Fast response time is crucial for our customers. Analysis needs to take place before the gas samples diffuse into ambient air. Servomex developed a specification of its MiniMP analyzer for Physiology to meet our customers’ needs. It performs the necessary sample analysis for our systems, delivering the highest level of accuracy at the speed required.”

Tangible Benefits

Servomex’s ethos is to work closely with customers wherever and whenever needed, supporting them where possible. This approach has been invaluable to Cranlea, as Graham Barnickle Key Accounts manager at Cranlea, adds: “Servomex supplied us with a demonstration device to use in instances where customers require a device prior to delivery. We have a great relationship with Servomex – one which has proven effective in instances where customers have wanted to buy direct and been directed to us as a preferred supplier in physiology. This has helped towards a massive increase in sales: we have outsold our competitors by ten times because of the use of the best technology and our ability to provide unrivalled support.”

World Leading Technology

The MiniMP uses non-depleting Hummingbird sensing technologies which maximize availability and reduce maintenance and running costs. A high accuracy Paramagnetic transducer offers fast and selective measurement of oxygen, while Servomex’s single beam, single wavelength infrared technology gives highly suitable, selective and low maintenance measurement of carbon dioxide.

Operationally, Cranlea Human Performance benefits from results delivered via a digital interface, developed in consultation with customers for optimum functionality and ease of use. Readings are available via a backlit LCD display, RS 232 or optional mA output, with the option for printouts or to log up to 200 measurements prior to transferring to a PC. The space saving unit includes configurable concentration alarms and audible sounders. It provides sampling and power options designed to meet individual user requirements, which include mains or lithium battery operation for full portability.

The MiniMP meets USFDA requirements for verification of medical USP oxygen and National Formulary NF nitrogen, and is TUV certified and EN15267-3 (MCERTS v3.3, Annex F) compliant for oxygen analysis.

Further applications

As well as Physiology studies, further specifications of MiniMP can be used for laboratories and research, air separation and gas bottling plants, medical gas storage facilities, diving centers, fermentation, permeation studies, combustion analysis and Source Reference Method (oxygen) to EN14789, verification of AMS to EN14181.

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