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ASU processes

Discover how we’re transforming ASU processesAir separation units (ASUs) separate atmospheric air into its primary components, resulting in the production of three main pure gaseous elements – nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and argon (Ar).
Accurate gas concentration measurements at many different points are essential to ensure high-purity products from the ASU process. A wide range of sensing technologies is required to deliver the necessary gas measurement at the specified levels.
Servomex provides solutions for gas analysis in cryogenic air separation from start to finish. Our analyzers provide continuous, reliable measurements throughout the process, ensuring product purity and monitoring impurities such as total hydrocarbons and moisture. They also improve process control and safety.
This comprehensive range of advanced, easy-to-use application solutions is driven by the expertise and knowledge of our Purity & Specialty team.
They are supported by our dedicated systems integration department, which delivers ASU analysis systems designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.

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