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High-performance oxygen and carbon dioxide analysis from the benchtop MiniMP 5200

The only truly portable battery-powered gas analyzer with MCERTS and TUV certification, the MiniMP 5200 is designed to offer single or dual measurement of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) through advanced Paramagnetic and Infrared sensing technologies.

Flexible operation in a fully portable format

With easy and intuitive operation, and single or dual CO2 and O2 measurement functions, the dependable MiniMP is ideal for a wide range of measurement applications, including CEMS testing and verification.

In fact, it’s the only truly portable unit with MCERTs approval, while Servomex’s Paramagnetic oxygen sensing technology meets US and European Pharmacopeia standards for the assay of medical oxygen.

With a size that belies its strength, the MiniMP delivers reliable, leading-edge performance and accuracy in an affordable, low-maintenance and easy-to-use unit.

Chris Davis
Product Manager

Reliability you can depend on

When you work in light industrial or laboratory applications, you need equipment you can depend on and help you get the job done as efficiently as possible.

In certain applications you’ll need equipment that’s certified to the highest level. No matter what your application monitoring requirement, you’ll want a device that offers long battery runtime, low operational costs, simplified ongoing maintenance and ease of use. And we don’t believe you should have to compromize.

A no-compromise solution

The MiniMP combines ease of use and simple device care with high powered C02 and 02 monitoring capabilities (ENI 5267-3 MCERTs approved), providing the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

With the full capability to meet the demands of sensitive, accurate testing, in an easy-to-use interface that includes a single or dual sample format, the MiniMP has long-life operation powered by a durable battery system.

True portability

The MiniMP is the only device to offer true battery-powered portability that meets MCERTS certification. This, combined with gas-specific accuracy, ensures the MiniMP is ready for a range of monitoring needs from the verification of medical oxygen to CEMS testing.

It’s always ready to work when you are. When you want sensitive, accurate detection, low maintenance requirements and the flexibility to do the job the way you want it done, the MiniMP provides a small, easy to use and cost-effective solution that delivers on all levels.

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The benefits of benchtop analysis

With a Li-ion battery for true portability, the MiniMP offers reliable O2 and CO2 monitoring for CEMS, industrial gas and medical gas applications.

Meets medical gas requirements

The MiniMP 5200 complies with US FDA standards for verification of medical O2 and N2, and European Pharmacopeia requirements for assay of medical O2.

Ideal for CEMS verification

Certified to MCERTS V3.3, Annex F, and TUV EN15267/EN14181 (QAL 1), the MiniMP is a unique portable analyzer for reference O2 analysis in CEMS.

Non-depleting sensors

The analyzer utilizes Servomex’s digital Paramagnetic and Infrared sensing technologies for accurate, long-life operation with minimal calibration.

Unrivalled performance

  • Patented Paramagnetic and Infrared technologies for high sensitivity monitoring and reliability
  • Precision single or dual measurement operation
  • Ergonomic, space saving footprint
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 60 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis and thousands of units used in the field every year



  • Accurate measurement of 02 and C02 levels
  • A range of sampling and power options
  • Ideal for laboratory, healthcare, fermentation, combustion analysis, CEMS testing, light industrial use and medical gas transfill


Easy to use

  • Only device in its class that offers true portability
  • Quick start up and use
  • Small footprint that integrates easily into any location
  • Mains or battery power option


Low cost of ownership

  • Non-depleting technologies maximize availability and reduce maintenance/running costs
  • Paramagnetic O2 and Infrared CO2 sensing technologies require minimal ongoing calibration


Benchmark compliance

  • Meets USFDA requirements for verification of medical O2 USP and N2 NF
  • European Pharmacopeia compliant (O2)
  • TÜV certified EN15267-3
  • (MCERTS v3.3, Annex F) for O2 analysis
  • Source Reference Method (O2) to EN14789, verification of AMS to EN14181

Gases sensed, measurements and technologies

The MiniMP 5200 offers truly portable single or dual measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide, using advanced, non-depleting sensing technologies.

Gas Measurement
Oxygen ()
Carbon dioxide ()



  • Meets USFDA performance requirements for verifying medical O2 use CE in accordance with EEC EMC and WEEE Directives
  • UL/CE approved 100-240V/43=70Hz
  • AC power supply

Schematics (select to expand)


150mm (6.0”) Width x 300mm (12.0”) High x 260mm (10.5”) Deep


2.6kgs (5.7lbs) – 3.9kgs (8.6lbs) depending on config.

Get the detailed specifications

“For in-depth specifications you’ll want to download our technical datasheet which includes information on technology, performance, operating environment, sample conditions and compliance along with technical drawings and top-level benefits and applications.”

Chris Davis
Product Manager

Download the complete pack of MiniMP 5200 resources

“Our resource pack for the MiniMP 5200 contains everything you need to know about his innovative portable analyzer, including the product brochure and operator manual. Download it now and stay informed.”

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Product Manager

Typical applications

The MiniMP 5200 provides reliable benchtop analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a range of applications.

Laboratories and research | Air separation and gas bottling plants | Catalyst regeneration | Solvent recovery

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