SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400 real-time Tunable Filter Infrared analyzer

Real-time sensing for light hydrocarbons – Spectroscopic technology

Servomex’s Spectroscopic sensing technology is a revolutionary measurement for light hydrocarbons C1- C5+, where innovative NIR/IR absorption spectroscopy with state-of-the art spectral scanning is coupled with advanced chemometric based data processing.

Spectroscopic technology combines innovative Infrared absorption spectroscopy, using advanced spectral scanning, with chemometrics.

A flow-through cell, incorporating patented spectrometer design, gives a high-quality optical measurement that is both accurate and highly stable. A precise separation into constituent components is then achieved using an advanced Tunable Filter Spectroscopy Analysis algorithm.

Optimized with cross-interference modeling, spectral non-linearity compensation and peak shifting compensation, this breakthrough chemometric algorithm delivers industry-leading interference compensation with a permanent span calibration, low cross-interference (<0.2%), high baseline stability and a linear response throughout the scanning range.

Key applications

Natural gas quality and composition

BTU/Wobbe content measurements

LNG production and custody transfer

Key benefits

Interference compensation for high accuracy

Fast-response measurements for light hydrocarbons

Low maintenance requirements

Ideal for

Providing a real-time measurement alternative to a process Gas Chromatograph for light hydrocarbons C1-C6 in a wide range of applications.

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