Applications Engineer Function

Typical job titles within this function include:

  • Applications Engineer

The role profiles below provide an overview of an Applications Engineer: 

Applications Engineer 

The Applications Engineer must be the foremost expert in the functionality of their designated product (including all tricks of the trade and pitfalls to be avoided). At the same time the AE must have a deep understanding of the customer’s process – no small order if the customer’s process happens to be an oil refinery, a powerplant or a semiconductor foundry! Much of the AE’s time is spent validating customer enquiries to make sure that the product they want to order will work successfully within the intended application. This involves carefully gathering exhaustive details of the target application and operating conditions and specifying the optimal choice product and configuration to ensure excellent performance and reliability once installed in the field. As well dealing with specific customer enquiries, the AE plays the central role in training the salesforce and service engineers. The skill set of the Applications Engineer is primarily that of technical expert and (depending on product complexity) will often require an advanced educational qualification. But the AE also needs to have good communication skills and be able deal comfortably and frankly with end customers and distributors.  



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