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Industrial Process & Emissions

Servomex has the answers for your power, HP and emissions applications

We have technologies to support your combustion and emissions processes, and a range of gas analyzers for midstream and downstream hydrocarbon-based applications. Our expert knowledge enables us to deliver the optimum solution for your operation.

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Comprehensive gas analysis for power generation

We provide expert solutions for the optimization and control of your combustion processes, and help increase safety and efficiency in your power generation operations, while reducing harmful emissions.

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Reliable measurements for your HP applications

Accurate, reliable gas analysis is essential for hydrocarbon processing. We deliver effective solutions for process control, safety and quality in a wide range of midstream and downstream applications.

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Effective solutions for emissions monitoring

Achieving regulatory compliance for emissions is increasingly vital for plant operators around the world, with standards becoming stricter. We provide accurate monitoring solutions and process controls to help you operate efficiently and within legislative limits.

We have a team of experts to support your Industrial Process & Emissions applications


SangWon Park, IP&E业务部总监

Keith Warren


Keith Warren, 产品经理

Rhys Jenkins


Rhys Jenkins, 光谱分析仪IP&E产品经理


Huiyu Guan, 中国IP&E业务发展经理


Stephen Firth, 全球业务发展经理

Karen负责管理UK Application团队,利用该团队的专业知识和能力来创建有效的解决方案,使客户流程更安全,更高效,更清洁。

Karen Gargallo, 应用与开发主管

Key IP&E resources

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《 ES行业过程与排放》杂志第20期

《 ES行业过程与排放》杂志第20期





Key applications for the IP&E market

Thanks to our wide range of sensor technologies, we offer single-supplier solutions for many applications and processes across a variety of industries


Extensive solutions for a range of carbon capture processes


Process heaters and furnaces

A choice of technologies to fit your application


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