The intrinsically safe Micro i.s. 5100 portable oxygen analyzer

Designed for the measurement of oxygen (O2) in potentially flammable gas samples, the intrinsically safe Micro i.s. 5100 is a unique analyzer certified to Zone 0 and Zone 1 and suitable for measuring percent levels of O2.

High performance portable oxygen analysis for hazard-rated locations

Designed to meet the demands of the most dangerous environments, the Micro i.s. 5100 delivers ultra-sensitive percentage oxygen measurement. A tough, life-proof design and feature-rich performance ensures maximum operational flexibility.

The Micro i.s. 5100 is Intrinsically safe (i.s.) and is able to analyze both flammable and toxic samples. This intelligent design means that no purge is required prior to device use. It has an intuitive user interface, the ability to store up to 200 measurements and up to 18 hours battery run time.

Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process Oxygen, Zirconia & Oxygen Deficiency

Enhanced safety for the most dangerous locations

When you work in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present, you need the most robust analytical solutions that enhance safety and provide efficient, engineer-friendly gas measurements. In applications like catalytic regeneration, decoke cycle, combustion optimization and hazardous area process monitoring, i.s. certified solutions help reduce costs and improve efficiency. No matter what your application monitoring requirements are, you’ll want a device that offers feature-rich performance, long battery runtime, low operational costs, simplified ongoing maintenance and ease of use. And we don’t believe you should have to compromize.

A no-compromise solution

The Micro i.s. combines intuitive user interaction and a safety-enhanced i.s. design with ultra-sensitive, industry-leading
O2 monitoring capability, providing the ideal portable gas analysis solution for hazardous applications. With flexible options including pumped and non-pumped formats and a range of features designed to further simplify sample testing, the Micro i.s. doesn’t just meet requirements: it adapts perfectly to deliver the efficiency and usability your job demands.

Works as hard as you do

Optimized to deliver a tough and hard-working solution with maximized uptime, the Micro i.s. comes with high-grade, long-life Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as standard. An integrated digital LCD notepad also allows up to 200 measurements to be stored on the device, permitting you to work and test with maximized efficiency.

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Oxygen analysis on the move

Certified to Zone 0 and Zone 1, the Micro i.s. 5100 offers the benefits of portability for O2 measurements in flammable or toxic gas streams.

Fully portable

A robust analyzer with a compact, rugged design, the Micro i.s. 5100 has an integral rechargeable battery for easy operation on the move.

Suitable for hazardous areas

The Micro i.s. 5100 has an intrinsically safe design (Zone 0) to ATEX and IECEx standards, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments.

Accurate O2 results

Servomex’s non-depleting digital Paramagnetic oxygen sensing technology ensures the Micro i.s. 5100 delivers reliable, precise O2 measurements.


  • Intrinsically safe (i.s) design permits use in any hazard rated location including Zone 0/Div. 1
  • Gas analysis for O2, CO or CO2
  • Pumped or non-pumped (AFCD) functions
  • IP65 rating

Easy to use

  • Intuitive, engineer-friendly interface and icons
  • Stores up to 200 measurements for subsequent download
  • Ergonomic design with carry strap

Low cost of ownership

  • Uses non-depleting sensor technologies that reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Advanced Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as standard (up to 18 hour run time)

Unrivalled Performance

  • Uses industry-leading patented Paramagnetic and IR technologies and algorithms for ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 60 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis with thousands of units used in the field every year

Benchmark compliance

  • ATEX: Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) IIC T4 Ga (-10°CTa+50°C) (+14°FTa+122°F) 
  • IEC: Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) IIC T4 Ga (-10°CTa+50°C) (+14°F<_Ta+122°F) 
  • FM: IS/I/1/ABCD/T4; -10°CTa+50°C: IP65 (Division 1) 
  • FM: IS/I/0/AEx ia/IIC/T4; -10°CTa50°C: IP65 (Zone 0) 
  • CSA: IS/I/1/ABCD/T4; -10°CTa+50°C: IP65 (Division 1) 
  • CSA: IS/I/0/Ex ia/IIC/T4; -10°CTa+50°C: IP65 (Zone 0) 

Gases sensed, measurements and technologies

The Micro i.s. 5100 is a portable oxygen analyzer using non-depleting Paramagnetic sensing technology for

Gas Measurement
Oxygen (O₂)%




  • ATEX: Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) IIC T4 Ga (-10°C_<Ta_<+50°C) (+14°F_<Ta_<+122°F)
  • IEC: Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) IIC T4 Ga (-10°C_<Ta_<+50°C) (+14°F_<Ta_<+122°F)
  • FM: IS/I/1/ABCD/T4; -10°C_<Ta_<+50°C: IP65 (Division 1)
  • FM: IS/I/0/AEx ia/IIC/T4; -10°C_<Ta_<+50°C: IP65 (Zone 0)
  • CSA: IS/I/1/ABCD/T4; -10°C_<Ta_<+50°C: IP65 (Division 1)
  • CSA: IS/I/0/Ex ia/IIC/T4; -10°C_<Ta_<+50°C: IP65 (Zone 0)
  • CE marked and in compliance with ATEX, EMC and WEE Directives scope UL approved and CE marked 100-240V / 43-70Hz AC power supply

Schematics (select to expand)


160mm (6.3”) Width x 185mm (7.2”) High x 140mm (7.2”) Deep


1.8kg – 2.3kg (4lbs – 5.1lbs)

Get the detailed specifications

“For in-depth specifications you’ll want to download our technical datasheet which includes information on technology, performance, operating environment, sample conditions and compliance along with technical drawings and top-level benefits and applications.”

Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process Oxygen, Zirconia & Oxygen Deficiency

Find out all about the Micro i.s. 5100

“Get all the details you need with our comprehensive Micro i.s. 5100 resource pack. Download it now for features, performance benefits and technical specifications.

Keith Warren
Keith Warren
Product Manager – Process Oxygen, Zirconia & Oxygen Deficiency

Manuals and brochures

Download the product brochure and operator manual for the Micro i.s. 5100 to learn more about this portable oxygen analyzer.

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Operator Manual

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Operator Manual

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Certification Manual

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Certification Manual

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Product brochure

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100 Product brochure

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100/MiniHD 5210 Recommended Spares

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s. 5100/MiniHD 5210 Recommended Spares

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Typical applications

The Micro i.s. 5100 is designed to measure O2 in toxic and flammable gas samples for a wide range of applications.

Hazardous area combustion optimization | Natural gas processing | Refineries – catalytic cracker regeneration | HyCO applications | Cracker decoke cycle on petrochemical plant | Process monitoring | Inerting applications

Process heaters and furnaces

A choice of technologies to fit your application

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