SERVOPRO DF high purity

The DF-749 moisture analyzer checks purity in UHP gases

Using Servomex’s Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensor the DF-749 provides trace/ultra-trace moisture measurements for checks of ultra-high-purity (UHP) electronic gases in a range of background gases.

Ideal for quality checks of UHP gases

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Global Head of Product Management – P&S

The DF-749 provides trace and ultra-trace moisture contaminant measurements in a variety of background gases, including nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon and oxygen.

Ideal for quality checking of UHP gases used in LCD and LED manufacture, the DF-749’s compact form makes it easily portable for easy cart or mobile use. A robust hardware/software design virtually eliminates the dry-down times often associated with UHP gas checking.

Fast response measurements with a low LDL

Offering an ultra-sensitive Lower Detection Limit (LDL) of 1PPB, the DF-749 uses industry-leading TDL sensing technology to deliver ultra-reliable baseline measurements and a fast speed of response.

The analyzer is highly affordable over its product life, with a robust sensor construction that has low lifetime maintenance requirements and a zero-drift measurement stability that greatly extends calibration intervals. Factory pre-calibration also provides simplified set up.

High Stability TDL Trace

Modern LCD and LED manufacturing processes require an ultra- trace quality measurement for moisture contaminants in high purity electronics grade gases. In such a specific application, users need analysis capable of delivering high-accuracy and ultra-low detection limits in multiple background gases. No matter what your application requirements, you need a moisture analyzer that can also provide operational cost efficiencies. We don’t believe you should have to compromise.

A no compromise solution

The DF-749 NanoTrace is ideal for your applications, combining high stability trace and ultra-trace measurements with flexible portability. Using state-of-the-art TDL sensing – with zero drift and a fast speed of response – this device provides high stability accuracy that is ideal for upset prone applications. With a low LDL of 1PPB and the ability to monitor multiple background gases in N2, H2, He, Ar and O2 gas streams with a single unit, the DF-749 NanoTrace delivers a high accuracy, adaptable monitoring solution: one enhanced by a compact design simplifying port-to-port mobility, making it ideal for either a fixed or cart-based solution.

Simple maintenance and reduced ongoing costs

Proven sensing technology and advanced functionality delivers DF-745 users a low lifetime cost-of-ownership. Factory pre-calibration helps facilitate quick and easy installation; data archiving makes the storage and recall of calibration, system error and measurement data simple. The use of the high stability, TDL sensor – with zero drift potential – extends calibration intervals and minimizes ongoing maintenance needs, enabling considerable savings over a long product lifetime.

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The benefits of TDL moisture measurement

The robust and ultra-reliable DF-749 provides flexible configuration options and a broad detection range of 0-20ppm.

High reliability

By minimizing water contact with optical components, the repeatable baseline measurements of the DF-749 are unaffected by loss in mirror reflectivity, ensuring accuracy and stability.

Exceptional performance

With analysis immune from gas cell concentration, the DF-749 continues to operate to specification with up to 90% signal loss.

Easy to use

Compact and lightweight, the DF-749 moves easily from port to port and is ideal for easy cart of mobile use.

Unrivalled performance

  • Analysis immune from gas cell concentration: DF-749 operates to specification with up to 90% signal loss
  • 2ppb Lower Detection Limit (LDL)
  • Manufactured by Servomex – over 60 years’ experience with thousands of units used in the field



  • Trace level Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensing provides high stability measurements through minimal moisture contact with optical elements
  • Broad detection range: 0-20ppm
  • Flexible configuration options: initiation via front panel/digital interconnect


Easy to use

  • Highly reliable with repeatable baseline measurements unaffected by loss of mirror reflectivity
  • Compact with a low weight; moves easily from port to port and ideal for other mobile applications


Low cost of ownership

  • Robust sensor construction reduces maintenance requirements
  • Zero drift measurement extends calibration intervals


Benchmark compliance

  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive



  • IEC 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • EU EMC Directive
  • EU Low Voltage Directive

Schematics (select to expand)

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483mm (19”) Wide x 266mm (10.5”) High x 608mm (23.9”) Deep


31.8kg (70lbs)

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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Global Head of Product Management – P&S

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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Global Head of Product Management – P&S

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