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Watch the new product video for our relaunched NanoChrome

Thursday, 25 July 2019

We’ve relaunched our SERVOPRO NanoChrome in a new, improved platform that delivers the same reliable ultra-trace gas analysis, combined with enhanced performance features.

Designed to meet the needs of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the NanoChrome monitors impurities in a wide range of common background gases.

In the latest update, we’ve kept the trusted measurement technology, and refreshed the analyzer’s appearance, adding a larger, clearer display screen for easier operation.

The analyzer software has also been updated for increased security and stability, including a robust, Windows 10-based operating system.

See the features and benefits of this innovative, high-performance analyzer, including the safe, stable measurement provided by its Plasma Emission Detector sensing technology, in our new product video, available now.

The video also highlights how the NanoChrome forms a key part of our complete, single-supplier solution for UHP gas analysis.

Watch it here.