Servomex provides solution for accurate monitoring of sulfur dioxide

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

As part of its comprehensive emissions monitoring analyzer range, Servomex offers the SERVOPRO SO2, a gas analyzer that uses Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence technology to deliver a reliable, continuous measurement of ultra-low sulfur dioxide in emissions and ambient air.

This measurement is based on UV radiation of the sulfur dioxide molecule, and the analyzer is fitted with a ‘kicker’ to remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the sample, preventing interference and quenching, and ensuring a reliable, accurate reading.

The analyzer is designed to slot seamlessly into racks, making it easy to integrate with existing emissions monitoring systems, and offers comprehensive data logging and remote viewing of more than 200 operational parameters.

Barbara Marshik, Servomex’s Market Segment Manager – Power, said: “The SERVOPRO SO2 is designed for ultra-low SO2 emissions monitoring, delivering superior performance for a low cost of ownership. It uses proven technology to deliver a continuous measurement you can rely on.”

The SERVOPRO SO2 is a key part of Servomex’s emissions monitoring analyzer range set to meet the lower regulatory requirements, joining the SERVOPRO NOx, which uses Chemiluminescence Detection, the heated-oven, Flame Ionization Detection-based HFID, and the SERVOPRO 4900 multi-gas analyzer.

Together they offer a comprehensive solution for the monitoring of NO, NO2, NOx, O2, SO2, methane, total hydrocarbons, and non-methane hydrocarbons in a diverse range of industrial and vehicle applications.